The doctor called the main mistake in the treatment of gout that killed Pierre Narcisse

The circumstances of the death of 45-year-old Pierre Narcisse are still unknown.

The circumstances of the death of 45-year-old Pierre Narcisse are still unknown.

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Circumstances of death 45-year-old Pierre Narcisse is still not completely known: the artist was refused in a hospital bed, according to various sources, either the heart or the kidneys. However, the widow of singer Valery Kalacheva is sure that her husband was killed by rare form of goutin which the poison – uric acid salts – was deposited not on the joints, but on the internal organs.

Is it possible today to die from gout, which has been successfully treated for a long time, the site asked Dr. Evdokimenko – a rheumatologist whose advice on YouTube is followed by 4.4 million people.

Dr. Evdokimenko, rheumatologist.

Dr. Evdokimenko, rheumatologist.

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– Gout is dangerous because it primarily affects the kidneys – immediately warned Pavel Evdokimenko. – Remember, there was such our general secretary Andropov? And he just died due to the fact that he was treated for gout without taking kidney damage into account. Until now, this is a very common story – according to my observations, nothing has changed. And today, patients are immediately prescribed aggressive therapy against gout, forgetting about medicines for the kidneys. This is the main mistake in the treatment of the disease. It is because of this that it can reach kidney failure, when the organs stop working. So Pierre Narcisse, if he underwent a hemodialysis procedure, it seems that his kidneys began to fail. But here it cannot be said that in the case of the artist, the doctors were somehow wrong. It is possible that the singer asked for help too late.

– And what is the difficulty in prescribing drugs for the kidneys? Are they rare, harmful or expensive..?

– Not at all. In Russia, we have very good drugs based on medicinal plants – there are a lot of them, it’s not a problem to get them. As a medical practitioner, I always give drugs for the kidneys before I give anti-gout drugs. Yes, gout is well treated and complications are easily avoided. But unfortunately, not all doctors know about it. As well as the fact that drugs for gout additionally burden the kidneys. I believe that in the case of Pierre Narcisse, kidney therapy was not carried out before entering the hospital. In fact, this is a common story: many enter the clinic when it is actually too late.

– Is it possible to save a person if kidney failure still occurs?

– If a serious complication has gone to the kidneys, then it is very, very difficult to get a person out of a critical state. That’s why it’s so important not to get worse.


Four things you need to know to avoid dying from gout

– Regarding gout, I would like to note a few points that may be useful to someone, – said Dr. Evdokimenko. – First, people who have the gene responsible for gout are usually very smart and critical. The same gene is responsible for a high level of intelligence. But because of their criticality, they question everything and have a frivolous attitude to health, to doctors – from the series “I know better myself.” This is a big mistake.

Secondly, where do you think a lot of young people with gout come from now? I will tell you. These are lovers of steaks and alcohol – primarily red wine and beer. Many people now sin with these dishes and drinks, provoking the development of the disease.

Thirdly. This gene is usually male: in the stronger sex, gout is more severe. And this disease is insidious. The joints begin to ache, and after a few days everything goes away, as if nothing had happened. The person thinks – well, why go to the doctor? And kidney problems at this time are growing. And when the patient still turns to the doctors, in fact, nothing can be done.

And the fourth point that people with joint diseases need to know about, so as not to provoke serious complications. It happens like this: the joints began to hurt, they did an analysis – uric acid is elevated. The doctor prescribes a drug for gout, but no one looked at the condition of the kidneys, there is such an analysis for creatinine. And at high creatinine, gout drugs provoke a deterioration in kidney function. This is a classic story with a sad ending.

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