The disgraced Chulpan Khamatova humiliated the Russians following the example of Alexei Serebryakov

Actress Chulpan Khamatova

Actress Chulpan Khamatova


Chulpan Khamatova in a new interview with Latvian reporters, she told how Russians differ from Europeans. According to 46 year old actressin the West, citizens behave more politely.

Chulpan Khamatova Half a year ago escaped from Russia. Now the actress now and then gives interviews. The other day a celebrity humiliated the Russians in style Alexey Serebryakov.

“Of course, people in Europe are calmer, less rude in stores. Because there is, for example, the habit of letting the car through when you ask yourself to let it through. They will not be in such a hurry so that, God forbid, you are the first to get in now, “- told the actress.

Chulpan claims that Russians behind the wheel give way only because of the established rules of the road, and not at the behest of the soul. “In Moscow a few years ago it was impossible to imagine that people let each other or pedestrians pass. And then the laws changed, became stricter, and people got used to it. And somewhere in the province it is not quite the norm yet,” she added.

It is worth noting that Khamatova repeated in a milder form what the actor was talking about. Alexey Serebryakov a few years ago. After his announcement, a huge scandal erupted. Offended Russians did not want to see the star of “Dr. Richter”.

The artist loudly declared that “in Russia, rudeness is a national idea”. “If you drive 30, 50, 70 kilometers from Moscow, you will see many elements from the 1990s. One way or another, until now, neither knowledge, nor ingenuity, nor enterprise, nor dignity are a prerogative, a national idea. The national idea is strength , arrogance and rudeness!”, – said the actor. After that, he gave several more high-profile interviews, where he accused the Russians of “pseudo-patriotism.”

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