The disease was inherited: the mother of Yuri Shatunov died at the age of 29, without waiting for the operation

Yura Shatunov with his mother Vera.  Winter 1974

Yura Shatunov with his mother Vera. Winter 1974

Yuriy Shatunov died young at 48. And his mother did not live up to thirty – she died at 29 years old. It turns out that the singer’s heart problems were inherited. Yuri Shatunov died due to acute heart failure. His mother, Vera Shatunova, did not wait for the operation and also died in the hospital back in 1984. By that time, 11-year-old Yura was already studying at a boarding school, and after the death of his mother, he was assigned to an orphanage.

Vera Shatunova gave birth to a son at the age of 18, but her husband was not happy about the birth of a child, so the woman wrote down the boy in her last name and periodically sent her to live with her parents. However, this did not save Vera’s marriage, and when her son was 3 years old, she divorced her husband and took Yura to her place, and soon married a second time. Yura did not get along with his stepfather, who drank, so he periodically ran to his grandmother. After a while, Vera Shatunova determined her son to study at a boarding school – many people like to gossip that because of addiction to alcohol, but this is not so – because of heart problems that have begun. Vera Shatunova ended up in the hospital when she had a heart attack: after an examination, the doctors of a hospital in a small Bashkir town issued a verdict – an urgent operation was needed. Vera Gavrilovna did not wait for the operation – she died, they said that the diagnosis was acute heart failure.

Andrei Razin, the founder of the Laskovy May group, said: “When Yura lost his mother, he was left alone with the coffin all night. Only in the morning the neighbors came and helped to bury my mother. Yura sat all night near the coffin. Recently, Shatunov himself said: “I remember my mother’s funeral. I remember them like now… Everything changed and in one moment – what was close and dear: he was gone. I don’t know the subtleties and nuances, but the heart operation was supposed to be … ”After the death of Vera Shatunova, her son Yuri was sent to an orphanage, since his father was not interested in his fate. Shatunov grew up as a star and could afford examination and treatment in the best clinics in the world. But fate decreed otherwise. The heart problems that the singer inherited did not leave him a chance to live to old age. But Shatunov managed to live a happy man – to start a family in Germany and perform for fans in Russia: “As a child, I dreamed of a lot of things: but not about the stage, that’s for sure. What could you dream of in an orphanage? I kept running away from there. There one could only dream of more and better food. I don’t like to talk about this period of my life. What was is gone. Now I’m a happy person.”


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