The death of the Palestinian report will not be investigated by Israel, there is no reason for it Svt

Israel and the Palestinians shot at the raid, but it’s not clear stela rn ab Aklahovou zashla. According to the statements of the first day of Haarec, the military prosecutor came to the conclusion that in the case he was not suspected of having a criminal offense.

According to Israeli copper, Armda still investigates the incident, but not with the first channels. Accidental Palestinian fire and Israeli troops may have struck on May 11, according to a preliminary report.

According to Haarets, the Palestinian Authority, which accused the army of abducting Aklahov, refused to have an autopsy and pedigree removed from the newspaper press for a ballistic test. Therefore, the decision to make a fault cannot be made.

The current military prosecutor, Jifat Tomerov-Jerualmiov, did not challenge the police because, according to them, there was no suspicion of a criminal offense. The soldiers testified that they had not seen the novelty and were dead on the insole they were carrying. Haarec believes that the prosecutor’s decision is determined that there may be fears that the interrogated soldier as a potential perpetrator of a criminal offense will provoke resistance in the army and in society.

Israeli non-governmental organization Je Din said the military did not even pretend to be investigating, and 80 percent would pass it without a criminal investigation.

Bellingcat, an investigative group based in the Netherlands, has conducted its own material analysis, especially videos that have appeared on social networks. She said she first found two truths by Palestinian witnesses who claimed that the news was killed by Israeli fire.

Identification of murder weapons

The Israeli army has identified a war that could have killed Al-Dazrah rn ab Aklahova, but said it could not be sure if the Palestinians did not send a fight for ballistic analysis, a Israeli military official said on Thursday. According to the AP, this report represents little progress in recounting the report.

Palestinian leaders and newspapers who were with Aklah at the last moment, her death is drunk by Israeli troops. The Israeli army claims that the novelty was shot during a scuffle between soldiers and Palestinian militants, and even without a day of analysis, it is not possible to determine who killed the deadly battle.

Israel has called on the Palestinians to join forces. At first, however, Palestinian refused to say that the bullet that killed the news would not be released for ballistic analysis. Palestinians also claim to be self-employed and willing to cooperate with any country except Israel.

Al-Dazra’s body Shireen Abu Aklehov (May 11, 2022)

One-hundred-year-old Aklahov was born in Jerusalem and began working for Al-Dazra in 1997. She regularly reported from Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and was known to millions of Arab television viewers.

Her death provoked criticism and reactions from around the world. Israel thus criticized the breeding police for a reportral funeral, where a coffin fell on the ground when the police pushed the mourners and beat them with shoes.

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