The death of Boris Moiseev: an assistant found a lifeless body

The death of Boris Moiseev was a shock to the singer's fans.

The death of Boris Moiseev was a shock to the singer’s fans.

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Death Boris Moiseev came as a shock to the singer’s fans. Of course, diehard fans knew that their idol severely ill for many years and lives as a recluse. However, surrounded by stars, they assured that everything was fine with Boris, he did not need anything. Like, Moiseev is not abandoned, there is always someone with him. However, the details that surfaced about the death of the artist suggest bad thoughts.

About death Boris Moiseev said his assistant Sergey Gorokh. True, when the society chroniclers called the man to find out the detailshe hesitated and did not immediately find what to say.

Based on the words of the assistant, Moiseev’s death was hidden for three hours. Boris died around 2:00 pm. His death became known around 17:00.

The lifeless body of the artist was found just by Peas. He discovered the star in an apartment on Krasnoproletarskaya Street, having come to visit him after the third stroke, which was silent. The assistant called an ambulance, but the doctors who arrived could only ascertain the death of a celebrity.

Boris Mikhailovich could neither speak nor move after the third stroke. He was bedridden. Why he was not admitted to the hospital and provided with proper care under the supervision of doctors is a big question.

Now a large army of Moiseev’s fans is waiting for the details of what happened. Boris was a very bright artist. He was truly loved.

Elena Sparrow, having learned about the death of a colleague, did not hide the bitter truth. She wrote to Moiseev because he did not answer calls.

“This is the scum of the profession: we communicate closely and make friends when we are connected by work, but as soon as you fall out of the cage or, God forbid, such a misfortune happens, as with Borey, these threads break very quickly. It’s a pity, just awful. Borya is very young, we did not see him as an old man,” the humorist quotes “360”.

She emphasized that the public loved Moiseev very much. The vocalist was an excellent performer, original and clearly understood what the profession of an artist is.

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