The deadline to register for housing subsidies in Bogotá expires

Through this program, the entity separates the best priority social interest housing (VIP) and social interest housing (VIS) units in Bogotá.  Photo via: Secretary of Habitat
Through this program, the entity separates the best priority social interest housing (VIP) and social interest housing (VIS) units in Bogotá. Photo via: Secretary of Habitat

The District Secretary of Habitat informed all residents of Bogotá that next Friday, December 30 the deadline to access the registration of housing subsidies of the ‘Preferred Offer’ program expires, this with the aim that more households can fulfill the dream of having their own quality home.

According to the entity, through this program the district separates the best social interest (VIS) and priority social interest (VIP) housing units into Bogota and a subsidy is assigned to vulnerable households with income of up to 4 current legal monthly minimum wages (SMMLV) to make it easier for Bogotanos to acquire detached homes.

It should be noted that in this district call will be offered close to 1,334 subsidies, which will allow people who meet all the requested requirements to access quality housing at low cost.

What requirements are needed to participate?

  • The person in charge of the home must be of legal age.
  • The sum of household income must not exceed 4 Current Legal Minimum Monthly Wages.
  • You must not be the owner of a home in the national territory.
  • Not having received any type of housing subsidy before.
  • Not having been penalized in a housing subsidy allocation process.
  • Have financial closure.

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These are the steps to access the ‘Preferred Offer’ program:

Bogota residents who are interested in participating in this second call must enter the web portal of the district entity and click on the assigned button Access to Housing.

After this, people must examine that they meet all the requirements requested by the Habitat entity to access the subsidy. After having verified this, the citizen You will be able to review the VIS and VIP housing offer that the Habitat Secretariat has in different projects in Bogotá.

If it is of interest to the citizen, you can register to apply for the subsidy at the following link:

It should be noted that once this call is closed, the Habitat Secretariat will validate that registered persons meet the requirements to access the district subsidy. If they are met, the construction companies of the city projects will be the ones that establish contact with the registrants, so that they can go to the sales rooms and be directly linked to the project.

The district entity highlighted that once people have joined the project, the Habitat Secretariat carry out the corresponding subsidy allocation process. “This Christmas the Habitat Secretariat continues working to improve the quality of life of citizens. This is the Bogotá that we are building,” he added.

On the other hand, the history of the ‘Preferred Offer’ program, with a cut-off of December 9, 2022, has set aside 3,621 housing units in Bogotá, of which 48.1% correspond to VIP (1,742) and 51.9% to VIS (1,879).

Finally, the entity added that during the Housing Fairs and the calls made by the administration this year, more than 1,400 district grants of these programs to city residents.

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