The daughter of an American billionaire threw a scandal at her father’s funeral

Fossa's daughter, Samantha, took the floor at the funeral ceremony.

Fossa’s daughter, Samantha, took the floor at the funeral ceremony.

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The funeral of the famous American businessman, founder and former manager of Credit Acceptance, billionaire Donald Foss turned into a scandal.

At the funeral ceremony, Fossa’s daughter, Samantha, took the floor and began to bonfire her late father.

Samantha studies at one of the most prestigious colleges, the cost of which is about $ 60 thousand a year, she grew up in a luxurious estate, lives in a huge mansion and has never needed money.

Samantha is the youngest of three children of a billionaire who passed away at the age of 78; her mother, the legal widow of Donald Foss, is black. For some time now, the girl has demanded to be addressed using the pronouns “they / them.”

In her speech, she called her father a racist, misogynist and xenophobe and disowned him, at the same time reproaching her father for sympathizing with Donald Trump.

Concluding her tirade, Samantha said, “You are everything I don’t aspire to be. I refuse now to sing the praises of a man who exemplifies white supremacy. I swear to god I will make this world a better place. But not for people like you, but in direct conflict with all of you.”

She did not explain why all these years she lived on her father’s money, and why he married a dark-skinned woman who became her mother.

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