The dam in Khabarovsk will be completed by the end of 2023

The new dam will protect the city from flooding.  Photo: Government of the Khabarovsk Territory

The new dam will protect the city from flooding. Photo: Government of the Khabarovsk Territory

The territory of the Southern District of Khabarovsk is one of the most vulnerable parts of the city to flooding, so the authorities have long been working to protect the district by building a hydraulic structure. The state of readiness of the object at the moment personally inspected Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev.

Protection of large settlements washed by the Amur is a task announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The reason for increased activity in this direction was the incident in 2013, when Khabarovsk faced a massive flood. But, as the head of the region himself noted, the construction of a dam in the Southern District with a population of more than 200 thousand people was started only in 2015.

– There were many questions related, among other things, to the dishonesty of contractors with whom we had to terminate the contract in 2021. And we know that in these years floods often came to us, – explained Mikhail Degtyarev.

However, after a mess with the contractors, the contract went to a new organization that is working hard to complete the dam on time. The head of the Khabarovsk Territory was again able to succeed where his predecessors failed. Having consolidated the efforts of the federal center, the regional government, the municipality, the governor moved the problem of Khabarovsk dams off the ground, and now all residents of the region can observe the concrete results of this work.

So, by the end of January, it is planned to complete the construction of the longest section of the structure, five kilometers long. The site of the object will stretch from the Dolphin recreation center to the entrance to the Amur backwater. Completion of the second phase of work, which involves the construction of about half a meter near the Brosko Mall shopping center, is scheduled for April. At the last stage, the pontoon-batoport will be tested on high water, and in case of satisfactory results, the object will be ready for delivery. The target date is the third quarter of 2023.

At the same time, the region will improve the territory adjacent to the protective hydraulic structure. And after the floods cease to threaten the regional capital, another full-fledged embankment will appear in the city, which will become a point of attraction for residents and tourists. Mikhail Degtyarev emphasized that the developed concept implies the creation of not only one of the longest embankments in Russia, but also the richest opportunities for recreation and leisure.

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