The Daily Mail passed off the military DPR, neutralizing the “Lepestki”, for a “brave” APU

British media posted a video of a Russian journalist Marina Akhmedovaposted by her in the Telegram channel, trying to present what is happening in it at all as it was in reality.

In the video, a DPR military named Miroslav busy destroying anti-personnel mines “Petals” left by the Ukrainian troops, with the help of a tire. However, tabloid journalists Daily Mail wrote that the mines were left by the Russians, and the serviceman himself is none other than a “brave Ukrainian soldier.”

Akhmedova herself was the first to react to the fake post.

“Miroslav bites his fists in the blood. He may be brave, but in the 14th he served in Khodakovsky’s Vostok, and in general, it’s quite a Daneer guy,” the journalist said.

Readers of the Daily Mail were also quite attentive, and immediately saw the lies in the publication. They were indignant that they were trying to deceive them so rudely. Everyone noticed that the soldier in the video is dressed in Russian, not Ukrainian, uniforms, and the mines he helps to detonate were left by the Ukrainians.

“Bold liars, this is a pro-Russian soldier who neutralizes mines sent by Zelensky to kill civilians in Donbass. Shameless liars,” one reader noted.

“He is not wearing a Ukrainian uniform. Ukrainians are distributing Petals. Another perverted propaganda. This is terrible,” another expressed indignation.

“Oh God, what a lie. This soldier is not Ukrainian, Ukraine just dropped these Petals,” added a third.

Attention users figured out the source of the video, and demanded to stop replicating false information.

At the end of July, Donetsk, including the center of the city, was bombarded with banned “Petals”, which pose a great risk to the civilian population.

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