The Czech Republic will receive 680 million crowns from refugees from Ukraine from Brussels. Retirement benefits and land Home

Fiala considers financial support from the European Union in the amount of 680 million crowns to help with Ukrainian refugees as a welcome step. However, according to him, it is not the end of the year. The prime minister said this on Thursday.

In addition to the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania receive pensions. The total amount that the European Commission now releases from the Fund for Internal Affairs is 248 million euros (over six billion crowns). Pensions are intended to serve food, transport and accommodation for people fleeing the Russian invasion.

I consider it a step in the right direction, but I do not consider it an end. There is a number of ones ahead of us, in which we will proceed constructively. According to the Prime Minister, he said that he would be brought to the end.

In April, the Commission undertook to provide the 100 most affected by the refugee wave with a total of 400 million euros (ten billion crowns), the first of which is now distributed among the five countries. More than half of the now earmarked lands will be Varav, which will receive 144.6 million euros.

The remaining 100 out of a total of 400 million euros wants to release the EU executive, and this has been fully approved by member states and MEPs.

Brussels, in an effort to help with the refugee wave, has allowed it to take out unused pensions from the end of the seven-year period. For example, for the Czech Republic, this is insufficient according to public policies, or a large majority of pensions have been used up or changed.

The Czech Republic was therefore among the lands, their rulers in May arrested the commission for help. For example, they proposed the use of extraordinary reserves from the EU budget and more flexibility in dealing with subsidies for individual states in the cohesion funds.

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