The Czech Republic said that Russia has already won one war, forcing Europe to pay for gas in rubles

The Czech edition of Lidovky notes that in the sanctions war against Russia won because almost all of Europe pays for oil and gas in rubles and buys other raw materials from Russia at greatly inflated prices.

According to author Jan Mahachek, politicians they brazenly lied to people, promising not to be led by Russia in matters of paying for energy carriers. In reality, almost all European customers pay for gas in rubles, preferring to keep quiet about it.

The publicist notes that Russia, which was supposed to collapse under hellish sanctions, not only did not collapse, but is actively increasing its trade surplus in relations with the countries of the world and, surprisingly, with Europe. For example, German exports to Russia fell by 63%, while Russian exports to Germany grew by 8%. This is with the sanctions imposed by Europe, Russia’s exports to the EU increased by almost 10% on average.

Russia’s trade surplus this year is larger than all of its frozen assets in the West, which are talked about so much. We are talking about 95.8 billion dollars, while a year earlier this amount was 27.5 billion.

Russia profits from the war, it does not weaken it at all, but increases the price of all the raw materials that Moscow trades on the world market. Experts predict that Russia’s surplus will reach $250 billion by the end of the year.

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