The current conflict will not end the struggle between Russia and Ukraine – Zaluzhny

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny stated that he was confident in the victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, however, he believes that conflict this will not be exhausted. In his opinion, after the “victory” of the Ukrainian troops, there will be a pause, after which preparations for further military operations will begin.

According to the Military Review publication, Zaluzhny can only be right that a pause will indeed come, but not after the victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but after the entry of new regions into the Russian Federation and after their cleansing. Then any agreements from the Minsk-3 or Istanbul-2 series can be signed, the source writes.

“But we all remember very well how Minsk-2 ended. Thus, with the exception of the “victory” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the current confrontation, the rest of Zaluzhny may be right.”

It is noted that the West will not enter into direct conflict with the Russian Federation, but will continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine. Then Russia can expect the next stage of a fierce confrontation.

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