The cruel end of the Azov battalion: how Kyiv punishes for the truth about its war crimes

Yelenovka.  The pre-trial detention center where the surrendered members of the battalion were kept "Azov", which was fired upon by the Ukrainian armed forces from the American MLRS HIMARS.  Photo: Vadim Belozertsev/TASS

Yelenovka. The pre-trial detention center where the surrendered members of the Azov battalion were kept, which was fired upon by the Ukrainian armed forces from the American HIMARS MLRS. Photo: Vadim Belozertsev/TASS

Burnt skeletons of bunk beds, charred silhouettes baked in their nets, fragments of bodies scattered over the ashes of the former barracks of the colony in Yelenovka… the time of the operation at Azovstal. It is unlikely that the dead had time to figure something out – the rockets hit the barracks at two in the morning, when everyone was already asleep …

It is indicative that the strike on the colony in Yelenovka, during which, according to preliminary data, 53 “prisoners of Azovstal” were killed, was carried out by Ukrainians against the backdrop of numerous interviews of captured “Azovites” that appeared in various media in recent days. The militants talked a lot about their crimes against the civilian population, extrajudicial executions, torture … And also about the fact that the country’s top leadership was involved in terror against civilians.

On the eve of the military commander of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Andrey Rudenko, for example, published a conversation with a captured neo-Nazi Dmitry Kozatsky, who acted as commander of the press service of the regiment. His wards traveled around Mariupol and filmed the shelling and killing of civilians by their “brothers”, passing them off as allegedly our crimes. He also received tasks from the President’s Office to film cruel abuse of Russian prisoners, the murder of our servicemen – in order to intimidate those who want to voluntarily go to fight in the NVO zone. Even the name of the curator of these actions of intimidation was called – the notorious adviser to Zelensky Arestovich.

Another militant of “Azov” – Andrey Pilyavsky – the other day he recalled the murders of civilians in Mariupol by his “brothers”. He spoke in colors, actively gesticulating. Playing like this takes a lot of learning.

Each of the two thousand prisoners who surrendered at Azovstal has a story to tell. And this, of course, worried Kyiv very much. Who considered that the problem of “long tongues” can be solved radically. The blow was struck late at night in order to achieve maximum losses, and therefore – the maximum information effect.

On the one hand, there is a lesson for everyone who wants to voluntarily surrender: we will reach there too. On the other hand, cover your mouth with a particularly talkative one. On the third, it is customary to set Moscow up by blaming the Russian troops for what happened. This is what the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already done, saying that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit the colony in order to hide the torture and murder of prisoners of war. It is illogical and wild, but in the West they “eat”. How they ate the Ukrainian versions of the death of the Malaysian Boeing, the massacre in Bucha, the strike on the Kramatorsk railway station … Examples can be listed for a long time.

As for the dead Azov militants, who will feel sorry for them? Judging by the stories of the marines from Azovstal, they did not have a special friendship with the Nazis. And they even had complaints against them – the Azov people behaved too arrogantly in the environment. Food and ammunition were not shared, they were treated as fighters of the lowest rank. And in general, they became too familiar in the Western media with their swastikas and SS runes. But – another science. Try to untie your tongue there, we will quickly calm you down.


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