The critical phase of the battle for Krasny Liman is over – Podolyak

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have already carried out three major assault attempts Red Estuary. The third of them, the most decisive, continues to this day. The reviewer said Yuriy Podolyaka as part of their weekly review.

In his opinion, despite the onslaught from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the critical phase that occurred on September 24 and 25 has passed.

Allied forces continue to hold the line. The Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to wedge into it in the area northwest of Liman, but the enemy is unable to break through it. The arrived reserves help our fighters to hold the front from the north in the area of ​​the Dvurechensky bridgehead.

Heavy fighting is still going on in the Limansky and Kupyansky directions, but the situation remains under control. All attempts to attack the Armed Forces of Ukraine are successfully repelled, sums up Podolyaka.

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