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The Kyiv Court of Appeal changed the sentence of the Russian military Vadim Shishimarin, who was found guilty of killing a civilian in the Sumy region of Ukraine: instead of life imprisonment the convict will serve 15 years in prison. This was reported on Friday, July 29, by the Ukrainian edition of Grati.

The first Russian military man convicted in Ukraine

21 year old Vadim Shishimarin became the first Russian citizen to stand trial in a Ukrainian court for war crimes during the 2022 Russian invasion. On May 23, the Solomensky Court of Kyiv sentenced him to life imprisonment for violating laws and customs. warscombined with premeditated murder.

According to investigators, on February 28, Shishimarin ended up in the village of Chupakhovka, Sumy region, along with four other servicemen after his column was broken. Having fired at and seized a private car, the military drove onto the road, where they saw a civilian, 62-year-old Alexander Shelipov, talking on the phone. The senior in rank ordered Shishimarin to shoot the man with a machine gun. Shishimarin later surrendered. Russian in court fully admitted guilt of the murder and repented.

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