The court arrested four violating ships that export stolen Ukrainian grain from Crimea to third countries

About it informs Office of the Attorney General.

“At the request of the prosecutor’s office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, the court arrested 4 ships that violated the procedure for entering and leaving the occupied peninsula. The ships entered the closed ports and terminals of the Crimean peninsula, taking part in the illegal scheme of transporting Ukrainian grain to third countries by the occupiers, thus they were a tool for committing crimes.

As noted, under the procedural leadership of the prosecutor’s office of the autonomy, an investigation is carried out into violations of the procedure for entering the temporarily occupied territory and leaving it (part 2 of article 332-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The Russian ship “Mikhail Nenashev” at the grain terminal “Avlita” in Sevastopol, 07/15/2022 Photo: RFE / RL

“It has been established that the vessels “Matros Pozynich”, “Mikhail Nenashev”, “Matros Koshka” under the flag of the Russian Federation, as well as a Syrian vessel, are systematically illegally entering the closed Sevastopol sea trade port. Thus, the Crimean peninsula is used by the Russian Federation as a “grey zone” for the transportation of grain, which they illegally took possession of, ”the Office of the Prosecutor General emphasized.

The Russian ship “Matros Koshka” at the grain terminal “Avlita” in the Sevastopol Bay, 04/22/2022 Photo:

Previously, as part of this production, suspected two captains of the Russian ships “Matros Pozynich” and “Mikhail Nenashev”.

The pre-trial investigation is carried out by the Main Directorate of the SBU in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

From July 2014 Ukraine officially stopped functioning all ports of the occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, the harbors of the peninsula are closed to international navigation. The entry of ships under a foreign flag into the seaports of Crimea is qualified by the law enforcement authorities of the autonomy as actions that undermine the sovereignty of Ukraine and violate the norms of national legislation, which entails criminal liability for shipowners, operators and captains of ships.

As reported, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, since the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian invaders have taken from the new occupied territories to Crimea about 400-500 thousand tons of grain, as a result of which the losses of Ukrainian farmers amount to at least $ 125 million. Almost all ships coming from Sevastopol are loaded with stolen Ukrainian grain. This illegal business is supervised by the special services and military of the aggressor country.

The TsZhR reported on the total looting of the Russian military in the new Ukrainian occupied territories. Early vegetables are taken away or a penny are bought from farmers, which are then taken to the occupied Crimea. There with tilt trucks transport the grain that they steal from elevators and warehouses in Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. Crimea does not need this grain, because it has enough of its own, moreover, it sends grain for illegal export to Syria and Egypt. But now it is increasing the volume of transshipment. Probably at the expense of hundreds of thousands of tons of looted grain from the newly occupied territories. Ekaterina Yaresko, Associate Professor of Kharkiv University and investigator of the SeaKrime project of the Peacemaker Center, spoke about this in detail on the air of the program “A Question of National Security” (TV project Center for Investigative Journalism).

Text version of the interview with Ekaterina Yaresko, Associate Professor of Kharkiv University and investigator of the SeaKrime project at the Myrotvorets Center read the link.


At 4 am on February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in the occupied Donbas. Russia launched missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine and launched a direct full-scale invasion in four directions. The armed forces of Ukraine are rebuffing the enemy, the blitzkrieg plan – to capture Kyiv in two or three days – failed, the Russian army retreated from the capital. The Russian military commits thousands of war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout Ukraine.

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