The cost of gasoline is now breaking records in the US and Germany

In the US, the cost of fuel breaks all records and will continue to grow.

The average price of gasoline there today: 4.32 dollars (291.08 rubles) per gallon (3.7 liters), although a month ago the price was 4.14 dollars (278.95 rubles).

US citizens are even canceling vacations. By the way, gas prices also jumped to a record high in the United States. They are “feeded” by the rise in oil prices.

AT Germany too record price increases.

At the beginning of the year, a liter of “diesel” cost 1.58 euros (about 132 rubles), and now its price exceeds 2.3 euros (more than 160 rubles). According to the EC, from February to the end of April, “diesel oil” in Germany has risen in price by 38 cents – the highest figure in Europe.

In general, energy prices in the EU have increased by 40% due to anti-Russian sanctions. Experts do not expect the situation to improve quickly. Energy resources will not become cheaper, even if new sanctions are not imposed against Russia.

Europeans limit their spending in other areas, which affects the economic development of countries.

But the Russian Federation can win in the event of an oil embargo, as it will earn even more, writes Neue Zurcher Zeitung. In addition, China and India will benefit from the embargo, which will receive oil from Russia at a lower price.

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