The coronavirus epidemic is accelerating, in the week the Czech Republic registers 3300 new cases Home

Statistics are provided by the Ministry of Health.

The incidence number thus increased for the third week in a row, there are now 31 infected per 100,000 inhabitants, a week ago it was worth 20.

The number of hospitalized patients is also growing slightly, with 120 patients requiring hospital care on Thursday, 112. a week ago, according to updated data, there were 112 more hospitalized with the infection.

According to Ladislav Dušek, the increase in the number of new cases, according to Ladislav Dušek, director of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (ÚZIS), is a more contagious variant of BA.5, which is gradually displacing omicron. Dušek expects the seasonality of the virus, ie the continuing weakening of infectivity in the warm summer period, but still admits the “summer wave” caused by a more infectious variant.

Against the original variant, which came from Wuchan in March 2020, it is more contagious more than ten times, Dušek said this week during a discussion of the Association of the Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry (AIFP) on vaccination.

Tests on weekdays that week revealed more than 600 new cases a day, with more than 700 on Thursday and 757 positive. The last time the Ministry registered more positives in one day on May 9. Last week, the daily maximum was 458. The number of tests is slightly declining, in the past seven days, laboratories performed 26,800 of them, the week before it was about 400 more. The share of positive samples is growing.

The increase in those infected with covid-19 over the past week

In the most common diagnostic tests, when people showing symptoms of the disease are tested, about a quarter of the samples are positive, a week ago this proportion was around 18 percent. In an epidemiological indication, where people are tested for contact with an infected person, for example, covid was found in about 13 percent on Thursday, compared to less than five percent last Thursday. In preventive tests, the proportion of positives in the week-on-week comparison rose from about one percent to five percent.

Since the epidemic began in March 2020, laboratories have confirmed more than 3.9 million cases of covid, and 40,312 people have died from the disease. In the last seven days, statistics record two deaths from the disease. However, the data may change during further updates.

About 7,100 people have been vaccinated against covid in the last seven days. In a week-on-week comparison, this is a decrease of about 600 vaccinated, but in retrospect the numbers may increase even more. The greatest interest has long been in a booster dose. Almost 6.9 million people in the Czech Republic have completed vaccination against covid, and 4.2 million of them have arrived for revaccination.

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