The condemned businesswoman of chance, Enilce López, la ‘Gata’, is hospitalized in an emergency

Since 2008 the 'Gata' has the benefit of house by prison, but on Thursday she was transferred to a clinic in Barranquilla due to her serious state of health.  (Overwatch Network).
Since 2008 the ‘Gata’ has the benefit of house by prison, but on Thursday she was transferred to a clinic in Barranquilla due to her serious state of health. (Overwatch Network).

The controversial businesswoman of the chance Enilce del Rosario López Romero, who is also known as the ‘Gata’, was transferred as an emergency to a clinic in Barranquilla (Atlántico) due to the serious state of health in which it would be

Lawyer Pablo Bustos, president of the Colombian Oversight Network (REDVER) who has provided support to the controversial woman, announced what happened on the official Twitter account of that entity on Thursday, January 12.

“(It) informs and warns about the very serious state of health, critical beforehand, that the businesswoman is going through (…) that is being transferred to a place of very high clinical complexity”, assured.

He also asked the judicial authorities to allow the ‘Gata’ to receive the medical attention she requires right now.

“We request full care and procedural and legal guarantees so that your treatment is fully supplied, every time so far She and her family have been victims of harassment and judicial persecution by ordinary Justice and also by the Special Justice for Peace”, stated the lawyer.

From the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) had accepted in September 2022 that the businesswoman, convicted of aggravated homicide and criminal conspiracy, would appear at a public hearing to contribute to the truth about the armed conflict in the country, since it is accused of supporting the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC).

“The procedural pieces indicate that the AUC found in the applicant a allied with autonomous power due to the multiple chance and gambling businesses that it owned, since it held great social and economic influence in various territories, especiallyin the department of Bolívar”, quoted in the regional newspaper El Heraldo the document from the court of peace.

Nevertheless, Said appearance does not have, for the moment, a scheduled date, and, in addition, it would be conditioned to the contributions that he made so that in transitional justice they could decide if they accepted his submission, as it has been requesting since 2021.

“They have not understood the need for truth, justice and reparation that this family has offered to the country in its context and, now, that the same businesswoman has found herself at an extremely critical moment,” Bustos added on that topic.

However, in its September announcement, The JEP not only indicated that they would hold the audience for the ‘Gata’, but also repealed resolution No. 3760 of August 5, 2021, by means of which the Chamber for the Definition of Legal Situations it rejected its subservience to that court.

For this diligence, they indicated at the time in the court of peace, the victims and the Public Prosecutor’s Office may participate, and there the applicant may correct, complement and expand the deficiencies that were evidenced with respect to their original contribution commitment. Likewise, it must refer to its proven relationship with the AUC and with several of her commanders, and expand on the claims that she and her family were contacted by politicians to support them in their Electoral campaigns.

You must report facts tending to clarify your alleged participation as leader of a group dedicated to money launderingwhich directly impacted the financing of the AUC, reveal the names and actions committed by third parties, and account for illegal conduct committed by her, relatives, acquaintances, members of the extinct anti-insurgent armed group.

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