The concert “Under the wing of the Motherland” was held at the Moscow House of Veterans

In the Red Banner Hall of the Moscow House of Veterans of Wars and the Armed Forces, a charity concert “Under the Wing of the Motherland” was held with great success.

The concert began with a welcoming speech by the General Producer of the National Prize of Children’s Patriotic Creativity Mikhail Sokolov. And then talented young artists performed before the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the cadets.

The winner of the television show “Voice. Children – 7” Olesya Kazachenko sang Sergei Trofimov’s song “Motherland”, soloist of the Theater of the Russian Army Ranel Bogdanov sang the song “Flag of my State”, laureate of international competitions Olga Artemyeva pleased the audience with an excerpt from the musical “Day-R” ” Will people remember”, the winner of the festival “The Art of Opportunities 2022” Artem Grunin upliftingly sang Yaroslav Dronov’s song “Let’s Get Up”, to which everyone in the hall immediately stood up. Ensembles “Music Track”, “Arabesque”, “Wild Guitars”, “Guiding Star”, “Veselukha” and other artists who appeared on the stage that evening were enthusiastically received by the public.

The concert was organized by the Foundation for the Support and Development of Social, Cultural and Patriotic Projects “Under the Wing of the Motherland” and ANO “Musical Path”. The partners of the event were: the Central Officers’ Club of the Aerospace Forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, DOSAAF of the city of Moscow, “Yunarmiya”, “Officers of Russia”, “Patriot-Sport” and “Soulful Moscow”. Special words of gratitude from the organizers of the evening were addressed to Lieutenant General, Chairman of the Council of the Moscow House of Veterans Viktor Stepanov.

At the end of the performance, the premiere of the song “Putin and Russia Are With Us” took place, which was performed by the authors, composer Ekaterina Rogova-Konopelcheva and poet Olga Serdtseva, accompanied by all participants in the concert. The evening was hosted by theater and film actor, artistic director of the Living Word Theater Dima Rubin.

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