The commander who defended the bridge in the Kherson region was awarded the title of Hero of Russia

Member of the Russian special operation in Ukraine Andranik Gasparyan from Omsk was awarded the title of Hero of Russia, reports

It is noted that the soldier, together with the brigade under his command, captured the bridge across the river in the Kherson region. For three days, the fighters heroically repelled enemy attacks and did not allow the line to be broken through.

At the moment, Gasparyan continues to boldly participate in the special operation.

Earlier, three servicemen from the Chelyabinsk region, who died in Ukraine, awarded posthumously. The authorities of Magnitogorsk said that the relatives of the fallen South Ural soldiers were awarded their Order of Courage at the Center for Patriotic Education of the city.

By order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin On February 24, a Russian special operation began, aimed at protecting the Donbass. This decision was made by the head of state after turning to Russia for help from the heads of the DPR and LPR.

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