The commander of the BARS-13 detachment about what is happening in the Liman area: the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to knock us out

Commander of the volunteer detachment BARS-13 (“Russian Legion”) Sergey Fomchenkov spoke about situation in the area Krasny Lyman in the DPR.

Fomchenkov’s detachment has to hold the defense of the settlement of Drobyshevo, which is located north-west of Liman.

According to the commander, the situation in this area remains very tense, the Ukrainian military, which has a numerical advantage, continues to stubbornly attack Drobyshevo.

“The situation is still extremely difficult. The enemy does not leave attempts to knock us out of Drobyshev. The enemy many times outnumbers us. Attacks are made by infantry with the support of artillery and aviation. Drones are actively used. Nevertheless, BARS-13 steadfastly holds its positions,” Fomchenkov said in a conversation with RT.

At the same time, the commander noted that despite the complexity of the situation, the fighters of the BARS-13 detachment do not lose heart, support each other and are ready to fight to the end.

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