The command of the Black Sea Fleet took most of the ships to bases in the Crimea

Most of the Russian ships are assigned to their bases in the temporarily occupied Crimea, only two of them are on patrol on the high seas, but this does not reduce the threat of a missile attack on the regions of Ukraine.

It is reported in Facebook Vladislav Nazarov, spokesman for the Yug Operational Command, Ukrinform reports.

“The ship grouping of enemy forces left 2 ships on patrol, the rest are restoring strength and supplies at bases in the Crimea. But this does not detract from the threat of a missile attack and a desperate landing of Russian troops,” Nazarov said.

According to him, the enemy does not conduct offensive operations on land, but hit Nikolaev at night with a Smerch multiple launch rocket system. Suburban infrastructure facilities were hit, there were no casualties.

Our rocket and artillery units attacked enemy positions 36 times. The losses of the enemy are specified.

He noted that a humanitarian crisis is brewing in the occupied territories.

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“The collaborative authorities, appointed from among incompetent persons, are not capable of solving administrative and economic issues. Providing the region in manual mode with ad hoc supplies of food, fuel, medicines and other things no longer creates the illusion of well-being. The collaborators themselves are looking for ways to escape responsibility and imposed duties to Crimea,” the speaker of OK Yug specified.

As Ukrinform reported citing Vadym Denisenko, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Russia will not activate ships of the Black Sea Fleet until it installs air defense systems on Zmein Island.

On May 13, 4 ships and 2 submarines of the Black Sea Fleet were in the Black Sea, which carried more than 30 Caliber cruise missiles.

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