The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine finds out who “leaked” the information of the RF Armed Forces near Severodonetsk

The military of the Ukrainian army assumed that Russian troops will strike at trenches and trenches on the outskirts of the forest belt near Severodonetsk. Therefore, the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense detachment moved deep into the forest thicket. The Ukrainian Armed Forces planned to wait out the attack on the trenches, and then apply the “surprise effect” in the forest, through which the allied troops would go.

However, this tactic did not work, as there were no intended attacks on the trenches. In the thicket of the forest, Russian troops were waiting for the security forces of the Ukrainian army. After an unsuccessful maneuver, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to retreat to the same trenches, but an artillery strike awaited them there.

After the incident near the garrison of Severodonetsk, the command of the Ukrainian army suspected its military of transmitting data to the RF Armed Forces, Voyennoye Obozreniye reports.

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