The clash between Roy Barreras and Aurelio Suárez for alleged irregularities in contracts

Images provided by Colprensa.
Images provided by Colprensa.

Roy Barreras, the president of the Senate and one of the most important figures of the Historical Pact, is once again a topic of conversation. This time it’s not by creating his own party: Peace Force, but because of the statements made by the former candidate for mayor of Bogotá Aurelio Suárez, who in an opinion column pointed out alleged cost overruns in contracts destined for the Congress of the Republic.

Suárez denounces in his magazine column Weekthat between July 26 and September 5 of this year, around four agreements were signed by the administrative director, Astrid Salamanca Rahin, with alleged cost overruns and benefits for people close to Roy Barreras.

As indicated in his column, the former member of the Democratic Pole of agreements 784, 1561, 983 and 984: “From whose analysis a common route emerges: select a public or mixed entity for preferential contracting, even if it does not coincide with its corporate purpose, such as Edured in times of Esap, and the rest goes in addition”.

Agreement 784 signed on July 26 was signed by Impretics, which operates as the printing press of the Valle Government, according to Aurelio Suárez, he was able to access a contract to generate an integrated access control system for the Senate of the Republic:

To that entity, in 2018, Dilian Francisca Toro made a gruesome change, turning it all over even for masonry and a marketer of everything, of what makes a vein. It is worth asking: does Impretics have the required Supervigilance license to sell security systems? In fact, he subcontracted a convoluted process to Acin, a small security firm from Pereira, the land of Jorge I. Arango, secretary of Barreras. Acin valued the contract at $3,670 million, giving a margin of 450 to the original Impretics for 4,170. Where does the surplus go? (W Radio, 9/20/22)”.

From agreement 1561 signed on July 30, he mentioned multiple cost overruns compared to the quotes made by him, regarding the equipment destined for the ‘digital revolution‘ designed since March of this year in Congress:

Since March 2022, a “technological revolution” was devised through 25 digital touch screens, 1.60 meters high and 55 inches, for interaction between senators and with the public. The offer without specifications from the mixed company Artics was accepted, in which the majority shareholder is again Impretics, the printer of the Government of Valle, and the private company, Technology Solutions of America Colombia SAS. He contracted at $27 million each screen and 10 monitors at $20 million per unit. Added a type 1 server, a type 2 server; the Microsoft Windows software license and installation and training for $283 million, 23% of the total contract of $1.22 billion. A specialist engineer certified me, after a meticulous search, that the maximum base value of the interactive screens per unit is $12,865,000 and $3 million for the monitors, both of the latest technology and the best brands.”.

The accusations did not take long to be answered by Roy Barreras who indicated that they have once again tried to discredit him: “using bad faith headlines for the purpose of sowing doubt using false or biased information is that citizens always deserve an explanation. That’s why I respond to infamy”.

trilled image by Roy Barreras
trilled image by Roy Barreras

The president of the Senate trilled a message in which he indicated that the agreements indicated by whom he called “the ex-candidate Suárez, consummate robledista and furious opponent of Petro‘, are from past administrations, in addition to pointing out that he is only responsible for the legislative sector.

He knows because he reviewed all the normal Senate contracts (necessary for its operation and absolutely legal) that the President of the Senate HAS NOT SIGNED ANY CONTRACT and, nevertheless, he titles it in bad faith “Roy’s agreements”, he also omits knowing that Of the 4 agreements that Mr. Suárez blames me in bad temper, not only do I NOT sign any nor is it my job to do so (my thing is the legislative one. The reforms that Mr. Suárez does not like) but also 3 of the 4 come from the Presidency of Juan Diego Gómez my predecessor”.


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