The chief of US military intelligence called the situation in the battle zone in Ukraine a “state of stalemate”

US military intelligence chief Scott Berrier stated that on Ukraine there is a “stalemate” situation – neither the Russian army nor the Ukrainian Armed Forces can prevail.

“I would characterize it somehow that the Russians are not winning and the Ukrainians are not winning, and we are kind of in a state of stalemate,” Berrier said.

If Russia does not send additional forces to Ukraine, then the stalemate may drag on.

Earlier, the Pentagon intelligence agency stated that the Ukrainian conflict had reached a dead end. According to US intelligence agencies, the Russian army plans to reach Transnistria, expanding the “corridor” by land for this.
According to the head of the US National Intelligence Avril Haynes, the Russian leadership is ready for the Ukrainian conflict to drag on. She believes that even after the victory in the Donbass, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin will not stop the special operation in Ukraine.

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