The cause of death of the guitarist of the group “Dancing minus” Anton Khabibulin: the musician died of a chronic disease

Cause of death of the band's guitarist "Dancing minus" Anton Khabibulin became a chronic disease

The cause of death of the guitarist of the group “Dancing minus” Anton Khabibulin was a chronic disease


On the night of December 21, the leader of the Dances Minus group, Vyacheslav Petkun, announced tragic news on social networks – the guitarist of the group, Anton Khabibulin, had passed away. He was 44 years old.

The musician joined the rock band in 2016, since then he has regularly rehearsed, recorded and performed with Dances Minus. In addition, he taught at one of the music schools in Moscow.

How did you find out KP.RUAnton’s heart could not stand the operation, which he underwent on December 20.

“It happened yesterday at 21.00, in one of the Moscow hospitals,” Marina Kalinkina, director of the Dances Minus team, explained to KP.RU. – Anton had a chronic disease for a long time, and an operation was performed on this occasion. As a result, he was gone.

– Is it possible to talk about the type of disease? Could this be related to complications or the coronavirus?

No, it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. It’s just a chronic disease. Now it doesn’t matter which one.

– When will the ceremony of farewell to the artist take place – and will it be?

– Yes, sure. This is exactly what we are doing at the moment. We will announce everything on the social networks of the group.

A little later it became known that farewell to Anton Khabibulin would take place on Friday, December 23 in the ritual hall of the Mitinsky crematorium at 11.00.

Before working at Dances Minus, Anton Khabibulin collaborated with Pavel Artemiev (Star Factory), the SBPCH and Moral Code groups.

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