The castle will cost the president about 162 thousand crowns by the end of his term Home

Senior Home Group has been the president since May 1 this year. She won a woman who was listed by the Castle. The company has been taking care of Zeman since his return from the hospital.

for the best bid price. The contract was signed and will be developed in the coming days on the profile of the contracting authority in the National Electronic Instrument, said President Ji Ovek recently for

The first of the contracts published in the National Electronic Instrument stipulates that the Castle will pay approximately CZK 162,800 for Zeman by the end of its term. The contracting parties have agreed that the remuneration for the provision of payments to the Office of the President of the Republic is determined by the hourly rate of the employee, standing in a public contract.

Nutrin therapist for 100, nurse for 225 crowns

According to the agreement, the General Nurse pays 225 crowns per hour for the work of a nurse, and a nutritional therapist costs one hundred crowns an hour. The nursing home for a general nurse is roughly similar to the price charged by other companies specializing in home nursing.

The competition was built so that you have to calculate the unit price in contracts and multiply it by thirty days and 24 hours. This total is actually similar to what we invoice so far. We then go to the health insurance company, explained Boris i from the management of Senior Home Group for

According to him, this is the maximum number. Of course, it happens that the father decides and sees the President that he wants to live or get married. In the second case, it would probably have to be announced according to the final competition, he noted for, with the fact that one nurse is now available.

The castle demanded of Zeman for the period from May 1 to the end of his mandate in March 2023, due to the change in Lny and Praskm Castle. The public contracts also contain the public horses that the nurse must procure during the presidency.

The Office of the President of the Republic pays 162 thousand crowns for President Miloe Zeman by the end of his term.

In particular, the home will ensure, not only the bag, a follow-up health check, medication check (preparation and stimulation), blood pressure, including ECG curve, drinking and dietary regime, glycaemia, collection of biological material and local fat, if need, in the contracts.

Vyadovna is a good knowledge of the Czech language

It also notes that the home will be provided 24/7. In the course of the full bag, the regime will be adjusted depending on the current state of health of the President of the Republic, the document states.

At the same time, it is believed that the employee must have, in addition to professional competence, a thorough knowledge of the Czech language, criminal integrity, good physical condition and social performance.

In the course of full, there will be a reduction in the provision of home supplies, for example due to the hospitalization of the President of the Republic due to the fact that the health status of the President of the Republic will not require home supplies, according to the published document.

According to Seznam Zprv, the castle paid 79,420 crowns for Zeman’s health care in November, and the invoice for December was issued at 399,300 crowns. The company had to get the pension from the health insurance company.

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