The castle in the village of Gryaz is washed for the arrival of Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva may return to Russia

Alla Pugacheva may return to Russia

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Neighbors Alla Pugacheva noticed at her castle in the village of Gryaz cleaning service cars. According to eyewitnesses, windows are being washed in a luxurious mansion. The townsfolk whisper that the house is being prepared for the arrival of the Prima Donna.

Alla Pugacheva now lives in Israel. The last time she flew to Russia was in August. However, at the end of September, together with her children Lisa and Harry, she left Moscow on a private plane. moving Alla Borisovna shocked the public.

Now the public is wondering when Pugacheva returns to his luxurious castle in the village of Gryaz. Rumors began to circulate that the singer would come to Russia, as if to a dacha.

So, the main double of the artist Daniil Kalatura told that the castle is preparing to receive Pugacheva on New Year’s holidays. In what composition will he arrive star family – not specified. And now the man’s words have been confirmed.

The singer’s neighbors reported that they began to notice movement in the mansion Alla Borisovna. They noted that more and more cleaning service cars drive up to the gate. “Although Pugacheva has a high fence, you can see from the street how people washed the windows in the castle. They are obviously waiting for the return of the hostess,” the residents of Gryaz discuss what is happening.

It is worth noting that the rumors about the return of the Prima Donna also arose because the Israeli police recently detained five employees of the migration service, suspected of illegally issuing permanent passports to Russian citizens. According to the law, the first passport is issued for a period of one year, but in this case it was a five-year one. Can Pugacheva lose her new citizenship and end up on the country’s “black list”? Israel monitors such violations very closely. If the document is canceled, then it is almost impossible to obtain citizenship.

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