The case under the article Murder after the death of Boris Moiseev, latest news on October 4, 2022

The Investigative Committee is conducting an investigation into the death of Boris Moiseev. Recall that the 68-year-old singer and dancer died in Moscow on September 27. In recent years, the performer of “Blue Moon” and “The Nutcracker” was seriously ill after several strokes. However, after the death of Moiseev, it became known that his 120-meter apartment in the center of Moscow was transferred a few years ago to director Sergei Gorokh, who worked with the singer.

After such news, various conspiracy theories about the death of the pop star began to be discussed on social networks.

In the Moscow GSU SK site KP.RU confirmed that an investigation into the death of Boris Moiseev is indeed being carried out.

“The check is carried out under the articles “murder” and “causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death,” a law enforcement source confirmed to KP.RU. – However, here you need to understand that such checks are a standard procedure after the death of any person. An examination is being carried out. If no signs of these articles of the criminal code are found, they will be rejected.

According to the source, the preliminary verdict of the experts: Moiseev’s death was the result of acute heart failure. Earlier it was reported that the seriously ill singer did not suffer a third stroke.

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