The case of two Russian pilots who bombed residential buildings went to court

The prosecutor’s office took to court cases against two Russian pilots who bombed civilian infrastructure and residential buildings.

This was reported in on television Attorney General Irina Venediktova, Ukrinform reports.

In addition, she spoke about the Russian military Vadim Shishimarin, in whose case a preparatory hearing was held in the Solomensky District Court of Kyiv on Friday, May 13.

“The Shishimarin came in for killing a civilian. The other two suspects have also already “entered” the court. I think that next week the courts will already hold oral hearings on these two persons, who are also physically in Ukraine. This is important when we see living defendants, and not proceedings in absentia. These people bombed civilian infrastructure facilities, residential buildings,” she said.

In total, Venediktova added, prosecutors are prepared to take cases to court against 41 suspects of civilian murder, rape, looting and bombing of civilian infrastructure.

“We will be ready for trials against them in Ukraine and international courts,” the Prosecutor General stressed.

As Ukrinform reported, on May 13, the Solomensky District Court of Kyiv granted the petition of the prosecutors and scheduled for consideration the criminal proceedings against the commander of the military unit 32010 of the 4th tank Kantemirovskaya division of the Moscow region, Vadym Shishimarin, accused of violating the laws and customs of war, involving deliberate murder (Part 2 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code).

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The investigation found that a resident of the Irkutsk region arrived in Ukraine as part of the Russian army. His column was broken by servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. While fleeing, he and four other colleagues fired machine guns at a private car and appropriated it. In a stolen car, the invaders drove into the village of Chupakhivka, Sumy region. On the way they saw an unarmed villager who was walking along the roadside with a bicycle and talking on the phone. The defendant fired several aimed shots from an open car window from a Kalashnikov assault rifle at the head of a 62-year-old man. He died on the spot a few tens of meters from his own house.

The defendant will remain in custody during the trial. The next meeting is scheduled for May 18.

Pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings was carried out by SBU investigators.

In total, more than 9,000 proceedings have been opened for Russian war crimes in Ukraine, and the process of bringing criminals to justice has begun.

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