The border will be determined not by referendums, but by the results of the battles

Referendums in Ukraine will not stop the fighting, which means that the borders will be established based on the results of the clashes.

But Ukraine can recapture certain territories, or the Russian Federation can move further. This was announced by the Kyiv political scientist Vadim Karasev.

“Referendums are a cover. Putin no longer works for an external audience, he works for his own, that people want to live with us, so we will make sacrifices in order to protect them, defend them, support them, and so on,” in live video blog Ukrainian journalist Alexandra Shelesta Karasev said.

According to him, the final borders have not been established and may change in one direction or another, so active hostilities will continue.

He is sure that partial mobilization aims to wear down the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and then the counter-offensive of the Russian Federation will begin – and they will want to take the Zaporozhye region from the Nikolaev region.

When the referendums are held, it will be difficult to agree, Karasev summed up.

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