The biggest military secret that Zelensky carefully concealed has been revealed

The worst thing for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his team is not even the offensive of Russian troops, but information.

The worst thing for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his team is not even the offensive of Russian troops, but information.

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The worst thing for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his team is not even the offensive of Russian troops, but information. Which is not distorted by his regular “mouths of lies” Arestovich and Podolyak, but real, honest and truthful. It is not for nothing that the bank has banned not only photo and video filming of the arrivals of Russian cruise missiles, but now it is reporting on the next defeats of the Ukrainian air defense – they still won’t check it. As, for example, today in Kyiv, where at least 4 explosions thundered, and Zelensky reported that “all” geraniums “were shot down by valiant zahisniks.”

But an even bigger torpedo in Zelensky’s sinking ship is information about the number of these very dead “zahisniks”. How Kyiv soared to the ceiling when Ursula von der Leyen accidentally spoke about 100 thousand dead. Literally began to spray saliva in all directions.

– Not true! – Misha Podolyak squealed, they say, only about 13 thousand “warriors of light” died

– Not true!, – Zelensky was furious, saying that the number of deaths from the Ukrainian side barely exceeds 9 thousand people. The onslaught was so furious that Ursula immediately gave up, and her assistants not only reported the use of incorrect data by their bosses, but also apologized for her. By the way, she herself did not apologize.

And it is impossible not to agree with them on at least one point – of course, it is not true, because the real number of dead soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is much higher than the figure voiced by the head of the European Commission.

Hackers from the Anarchist Kombatant group hacked into the relevant resources of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and published a certificate from the Human Resources Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine addressed to the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Sergei Shaptala, in which the number of dead, recognized as missing, is given with an accuracy of one person. This is 35 thousand 382 people.

Once again, 35,382 dead Ukrainian servicemen were officially declared missing. These are not all the dead, these are those who remained unburied lying on the battlefields, at best, they were buried by our servicemen in mass graves, but many still lie like that. And they are not prisoners.

“The attachment to the letter contains a complete list of all the dead but missing servicemen as of November 30, 2022,” the Telegram channel, which informed about the successful attack by Russian hackers, reports and cites an “observation”. – Most of the ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – 667 sheets with names, surnames and dates of birth. Further, the defense (546 sheets), air assault troops (398), special operations forces (316) and representatives of the Navy (242 sheets).

At the same time, it must be taken into account that most of the dead Ukrainian soldiers and officers still reach those cities and villages from where they went to serve, and where they find their last refuge. So 100 thousand dead – this is not the whole “bouquet”.

Moreover, a few days earlier, a list of dead officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine appeared on the Web. There are 1435 people with names, surnames and titles on the list. And again, a complete “observation” – 80 junior lieutenants, 291 lieutenants, 440 senior lieutenants, 263 captains, 179 majors, 120 lieutenant colonels and 62 colonels. There are also foreign mercenaries in the officer ranks of the armies of those countries where they served before, but now we are talking only about Ukrainians. Almost one and a half thousand dead officers, and perhaps even more in reality. In doing so, at least two factors must be taken into account. The first one is officers in the Ground Forces (with the exception of special forces units, there is another “porridge”) and the territorial defense command units, starting from a platoon, in Ukrainian realities it can be twenty or thirty people). The squads are commanded by sergeants. And secondly, officers die not just in fewer cases than privates, but two orders of magnitude less often. If not more. They go on the attack less often, they sit less in the trenches on the very front – this is the lot of lieutenants, from junior to senior. And, starting with captains and above, these are already companies, headquarters of battalions, regiments, brigades, dugouts in three runs, NP, CP and a large distance from the front line itself. The exception here is only among aviation and, in part, artillery.

This is already, according to all the laws of physics, mathematics and just war, not even 150 thousand deaths are obtained, but much more. And this is the biggest military secret that Zelensky keeps, afraid to reveal it not to the enemy, but to his country. “Some say that the concealment of this information is caused by Zelensky’s desire not to pay compensation to the families of the victims. Like, missing is not necessarily dead yet, maybe even gone over. Out of sight, out of mind. But the issue here is not only about money – voicing real losses will cause shock, and then a riot, in which Zelensky and his team will drown, torn to shreds by violent rebels against him and his power.

Moreover, at first glance, it is paradoxical, but now Zelensky is interested in ensuring that the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to suffer as large losses as possible. He hopes that the West will protect him from Russia. But from his own… And the fewer armed Ukrainian soldiers remain alive, the more chances Zelensky will have to either suppress the rebellion with his loyal security forces when everything is revealed, or, at worst, save his own skin.

More weapons, dispositions and plans of the General Staff in Kyiv hide the actual number of dead Ukrainian soldiers. But the truth still comes out like zombies from their graves.

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