The best ways to deal with ants at their summer cottage

Getting rid of ant colonies is a difficult and lengthy process, it does not always end in human victory. Gardeners use a variety of tricks to keep insects from reappearing or to get rid of ants. But many prefer not to think about the dangers of this type of insect. They do not get rid of them, they allow them to multiply throughout the site. Is there any point in fighting ants if they can be useful?

Of course, in a broad sense, ants still benefit and take on at least an ecological function. They can monitor the number of harmful insects, aerate the soil, and more. But all ants: red, brown and even garden ants, settling on the ground in front of the dacha or in the garden, choose greens and flower buds as food. Insects are literally an attraction for aphids, and they do not forget to besiege the various plants that are on the site. If you have to deal with a clan of ants in an orchard, then pests such as cicadas or suckers usually begin to act in alliance with them. Their job is to spoil the pleasant appearance of the garden, various flower beds. Ants specially build houses with an extensive system of passages so that neither cold nor poison can penetrate into them. This type of insect constantly settles in a residential area if it begins to multiply in the garden. There are effective ways to get rid of ants.

Ants are afraid of strong odors

In the first category, you can write more gentle ways. They will not contain heavy products or harmful to the environment. Ants are afraid of strong odors. In the summer cottage, you can spread the garlic or soak it with the smell of sawdust or grass. In order for them to start leaving, you should regularly update the sawdust. They can be caught for sweets – it is worth spreading jam on the branches and putting them in a trap. Ants do not tolerate salt, the smell of charcoal and ground cinnamon. They cannot tolerate plants such as cloves, wormwood. It is clear that smells are a weak point for them.

Diazinon and chlorpyrifos in ant control products

If we talk about chemicals and methods of exposure, you can use two substances – diazinon and chlorpyrifos.

They are found in various preparations for fighting ants. The first becomes a blocker of the nervous system of ants. They begin to experience severe pain, tremble and quickly die. Pest protection lasts for three weeks. Chlorpyrifos enters the ant’s body through the respiratory system, and is also a paralyzer of the nervous system. In the soil, the substance can “sit” much longer – from one hundred to one hundred and twenty days. Fights ants for almost two months and does not give them the opportunity to create a new population.


Gardeners recommend using a substance such as cypermethrin.

Its duration is not so long, but it exceeds the effectiveness of the previously described substances. Cypermethrin can penetrate the ant’s body through the skin, causing disruption of the nervous system – the insect immediately gets paralyzed and dies. The substance also has a good repellent property for subsequent protection against insects.

Author Anna Streltsova

Anna Streltsova – journalist, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

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Andrey Tumanov – Russian journalist and TV presenter, producer, politician

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