The Beast Commander of Ukraine gave a terrible interview: Russian mobilization, hope for a world war and plans for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Valery Zaluzhny admitted that the idea of ​​

Valery Zaluzhny admitted that the idea of ​​”killing Russians” has become a religion for him


Huge, pretentious and scandalous interview to a respectable (as it seemed before) magazine The Economist gave the commander of the Ukrainian troops, General Valery Zaluzhnyfrom which the West is believed to be preparing a possible successor Vladimir Zelensky in the presidential chair.

The interview is also quite candid. Because some tough, even cruel – beyond the bounds of human humanism phrases that are sometimes capable of the military, but not politicians or diplomats, have not been censored by the editors of the British magazine.

It turns out that such phrases are becoming acceptable for British and Western society in general. Or even desirable?

How do you like this confession of General Zaluzhny:

– For us, the military, it all started back in 2014. Eight years of struggle went on until 2022… Everything that happened on February 24 was an increase in scale. Before that, we had a front of 403 kilometers. And on February 24, this front grew to 2,500 kilometers … All we did was apply our knowledge and experience, which we have already had since then. And the most important experience, which we professed almost like a religion, is that Russians and any other enemies must be killed, just killed, and most importantly, not be afraid to do it. And that’s what we do.

Just curious, but if Zaluzhny instead of “kill Russians” said “kill Jews” or “kill blacks” – would the British print it just as calmly?


Further, Zaluzhny admits that “since the beginning of the conflict, he has already fired ten Ukrainian generals, another shot himself.”

The commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine says that the Russian troops correctly planned the start of the special operation, but they had limited resources:

– I think they had the resources for three months to reach their goals, – says Zaluzny. – They wanted to take Kyiv. Militarily, it was the right decision – the easiest way to achieve their goal. I would do the same.


About today’s battles and the alignment of forces, the Ukrainian military leader says this:

– The situation in Donbas is not easy… They (the Russian troops) need time to gather resources and build new capabilities to continue achieving their goals. But they are working on another task in parallel, doing everything possible to prevent us from regrouping and striking. They pin down our troops to prevent us from regrouping. The fact that they are now stubbornly fighting is, of course, very bad. This wears down the Ukrainian armed forces.


Zaluzhny says even more amazing things about the tactics and condition of the Ukrainian troops. He openly admits that he is leaving soldiers to be slaughtered, and is not currently providing assistance to those who are still holding back the Russian offensive in the Donbass. And at the same time, he is preparing fresh reserves for his future offensive in February. Just take a look at this:

– The next task that we have is to hold the frontier and not lose positions anymore. Because it is ten to fifteen times harder to release than not to surrender. Our troops are now bleeding.

But, forgive me, the soldiers in the trenches, it’s more important now to focus on accumulating resources for the longer, harder battles that could begin next year.

Our second strategic task is to prepare for the development of the conflict, which may occur in February. To be able to fight with fresh forces and reserves.

This can happen in February, at best in March, at worst – at the end of January.


The British magazine asks Zaluzhny about the “offensive on the Crimea”, which is promised in Kyiv. And he answers, in fact, revealing a probable plan to capture Melitopol, to take the Crimea in a fire blockade:

– To get to the borders of the Crimea, today we need to overcome the distance of 84 km to Melitopol, – says the Ukrainian general. – By the way, this is enough for us, because Melitopol would give us full fire control of the land corridor (to the Crimea), because from Melitopol we can already fire on the Crimean Isthmus, with the same HIMARS and so on.

Surely these Napoleonic-zaluzhny plans are known to the Russian General Staff and he knows how to thwart them. Otherwise, the Ukrainian general would not have blurted them out so easily to journalists.


Zaluzhny also admits that the energy system of Ukraine is balancing “on a fine line”:

– I am not an energy specialist, but it seems to me that we are on the verge. We are balancing on a fine line. And if (the power grid) is destroyed… Without water, light and heat, is it possible to speak about the preparation of reserves for the continuation of hostilities?


The Ukrainian commander tells a British magazine that he has “enough men, enough for me. I don’t need hundreds of thousands more.” But Zaluzhny asks for weapons and equipment: “We need tanks, we need armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles. And we need ammo. I’m not talking about the F-16 now.”

The air defense also asks, recognizing that NATO does all the calculations for the Ukrainians: “NATO specialists know everything, absolutely everything, to the smallest detail. Calculations are made. We already have several NASAMS (Norwegian-American air defense systems). IRIS-T (German air defense system) is already in use. But we need dozens of these.”

The general is asked: “Have the Russian troops adapted to HIMARS (American multiple launch rocket launchers)?

“Yes,” Zaluzhny replies. – They went to a distance unattainable for HIMARS. And we don’t have anything long-range.


There were also complaints about the greed of the West. Zaluzhny, judging by his words, wants to inflate a conflict on the scale of the First World War in Europe. And the West “faints” from such a prospect.

– We are talking about the scale of the First World War. This was told to me by Anthony Radakin (commander of the British troops), – Zaluzny flaunts. – But when I told him that the British army fired a million shells in the First World War, and so far they have sent us only 50 thousand, he replied: “We will lose Europe. We will have nothing to live on if you launch so many shells. When they talk about 50,000 shells, people who count money faint!

But with such resources, I can’t carry out new large operations, although we are currently working on one, – Zaluzhny mysteriously intrigues. – She (operation) is on the way, but you don’t see her yet.

I need resources. I need 300 tanks, 600-700 infantry fighting vehicles, 500 howitzers, – the general calls specific numbers and promises, if he is given all this, “to reach the lines on February 23.” – But I get less than I need. And we need to capture a lot more territory.


Well, in the end, The Economist asked Zaluzhny – what does he think about partial mobilization in Russia?

“Russian mobilization worked,” the Ukrainian general is forced to admit. – It is not true that their problems are terrible, that these people will not fight. They will. They present a problem for us.

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