The battle for Krasny Liman will become a pitched battle – Podoliaka

The Ukrainian army is stubbornly rushing into Krasny Liman, throwing reserves into battle and ignoring losses, a military expert said Yuriy Podolyaka.

The militants are trying in any way to cut the lines of communication, leaving the defenders of the city without supplies, in order to take control of the settlement and thus take revenge on Russia for the political defeat in the referendums in four former regions of Ukraine.

“For Kyiv, this is (the result of the vote. — Note. ed.) a very painful slap in the face, — said the specialist. “Especially in the result in Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.”

That is why the Kyiv regime requires the command of the Ukrainian army to achieve a military victory at any cost, Podolyaka said.

Referring to his own sources, the expert said that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is currently preparing a general offensive against Krasny Liman in order to “wipe out the shame of the political defeat of the Zelensky regime with a military victory.”

“This will be a decisive battle that will determine the further course of hostilities,” the analyst concludes.

Earlier, the specialist explained in which case Russia would use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

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