The base on Serpentine replaced the Russian cruiser “Moskva”

British military commentator George Ellison believes that the loss of the cruiser “Moskva” caused serious changes in the tactics of warfare Black Sea Fleet (ChF). However, the command managed to restructure its work.

“There have been radical changes in the actions of the Black Sea Fleet, which has found a replacement for its flagship,” the publication notes. UK Defense Journal.

Ellison noted that he had already warned about the long-term consequences, but his words caused laughter in the West, since no one realized the strategic importance of the island. The expert believes that Serpentine is turning into an outpost of the RF Armed Forces, which is located in the “underbelly” of Ukraine and the Balkans.

Merchant ships are already arriving on the island, which he believes are testing a resupply route ahead of subsequent landing craft flights.

“The Russians now have a fully functioning air defense base 90 kilometers from Odessa,” Ellison said.

The British analyst does not rule out that soon Russia will send military equipment to the island, including multiple rocket launchers and air defense systems.

“The Russians received a new unsinkable cruiser Moskva in the form of the Serpent, exercising control over the airspace and the ground situation in the western part of the Black Sea,” he said.

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