The authorities of Ukraine began the genocide of their own people

Deliberate arson by the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of grain-growing fields throughout the “voltage zone” has already become a system.

Deliberate arson by the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of grain-growing fields throughout the “voltage zone” has already become a system.

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Arrivals don’t stop

The difficulties with which the harvesting campaign in Zaporozhye is going on proves once again that the Kyiv regime has nothing sacred. Neither human life, nor the well-being of cities, nor bread, respect for which in the Soviet past was instilled in everyone from childhood, means absolutely nothing for official Kyiv. Deliberate arsons by militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of grain-growing fields in the region, and in general throughout the entire “voltage zone”, have already become a system.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the “yellow-blue”, following the orders of the command, got into the habit of shelling productive fields from helicopters and artillery. Moreover, as the farmers say, the ukrovoyaks do it almost daily. And not only in Zaporozhye. Fields in Kherson, Mykolaiv and Kharkiv regions are on fire due to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Farmers are afraid to go into the fields, they are afraid for the equipment working there, and the damage from the antics of the Ukrainian army cannot even be calculated. “Arrivals” do not stop and it is not known how many more hectares of grain will be destroyed.

“Rockets arrive almost every day,” one of the farmers of the Pologovsky district reveals the sad truth to Russian journalists. – We can not properly harvest because of the constant shelling. It is difficult to calculate how many hectares have already burned down. It remains to be hoped that not the entire crop will be destroyed.

The Kyiv regime makes money on this

And yet, approximate figures of possible damage exist. According to Volodymyr Rogov, a member of the main council of the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, up to 450,000 tons of grain may perish in the fire kindled by Ukraine.

“Field burning is a really big problem,” he confirms. – Given the scale that it has acquired on the line of contact and where they can stretch, the losses will be colossal.

Even the shortage of tracer shells, about which Ukraine is crying at the expense of the West, does not stop the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As Vladimir Rogov also says, it is with such ammunition that militants usually “water” Zaporozhye fields. Obviously, the calculation is on one thing: Western curators will give more shells, there will be something to shoot. This means that hostilities will continue, capital injections into Ukraine from foreign “fans” will not run out, and the accounts of the yellow-blue elite will be replenished. Because, to whom is the war, and to whom is the mother dear.

“I am sure that the burning of the fields is a planned action of Ukraine, the purpose of which is to intimidate people, drag out the conflict, cash in on grief,” commented writer Nikolai Starikov on the air of one of the Russian channels. – So that the farmer does not get the harvest, so that there are interruptions in supply. And the most disgusting thing is that the Kyiv regime earns money on this.

From a sick head to a healthy one

Meanwhile, the fact that the fields along the front line are burning, the Ukrainian side, according to tradition, blames Russia. The Zelensky regime is no stranger to making up fakes and arranging the most vile provocations to show the world “how bad Russia is.” In the case of arson, the legend in Ukraine is as follows: the Russian coalition goes to great lengths to provoke world hunger, which the West has been talking about in recent months.

According to Mikhail Mizintsev, head of the National Defense Control Center of Russia, the “yellow-blues” even set up artillery on the territory of a granary in the Bakhmut district of the DPR and fired artillery at Russian military formations, provoking them to respond with volleys. Then Ukraine will have a reason to accuse Russia of shelling the elevators in the Donbass. And even louder “sing” to the whole world about how the Russian Federation threatens Ukrainian food security.

“In fact, this is terrorism,” a lawyer and economist commented to Yuri Kapshtyk. “This is genocide against our own people, especially farmers who are left without money and food. It is impossible to apply any other article, except for “International terrorism”, to those who invented and implemented all this. Everyone understands that the arson is the work of the Ukrainian military, who, in fact, should protect their civilians, and not destroy them. Throughout the civilized world, during armed conflicts, it is customary not to touch such objects, to negotiate, but this, apparently, does not concern Ukraine. It takes the most primitive measures, genocide, purposefully destroys its own economy.

An outburst on the verge of insanity

By the way, the recent attack on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, according to Kapshtyk, is another example of genocide by the Kyiv regime. Over the past two weeks, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at this strategically important facility twice – as a result, 11 workers were injured. Volleys rained down from kamikaze drones. Fortunately, the area where the reactors are located was not affected. It is reliably protected by the Russian air defense system. But the very fact that militants attacked a nuclear power plant casts doubt on the adequacy of the people who gave the order to attack Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. After all, if there was a radiation leak, the lives of millions of people would be in danger. In Ukraine, in Russia and throughout Europe.

– The goal was the same – causing maximum harm, – assured Yuri Kapshtyk. – Still, we are talking about a nuclear power plant. Should that happen, the consequences could be dire. Radiation leak, 100 years dead zone. I can’t believe that neither Zelensky’s regime nor his Western curators understand this. Madness!


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