The Armed Forces of Ukraine came to Krasny Liman to conquer territory. And it brings them death

Russia left Krasny Lyman, like other cities of the Kharkiv region, but the people there are well aware that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not liberate them – they return the territories. And this signs the death warrant for the Kyiv regime.

“Liberators” are not welcome in Kharkiv region

There is a video on the network from the “liberated” Armed Forces of Ukraine Kupyansk, where young girls are asked if they are happy with the return of Ukraine.

“Well… 50 to 50… It was immediately clear that the center would be bombed. When we had Russian money, we at least bought something. And now all the shops are closed, you can’t even buy bread,” the girls say.

Their expression on their faces additionally says that they are not happy with the “liberators”.

The population of the cities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is tortured and killed

Head of the regional administration from the Russian Federation Vitaly Ganchev said that residents of the Kharkiv region, who were unable to leave for the Russian Federation, were being held hostage by Ukrainian troops, they were being tortured for obtaining Russian passports.

“People are tied to trees because they got Russian passports, these passports are nailed to their feet,” Ganchev said in a video posted on the administration’s Telegram channel.

As the Telegram channel “Our Kharkiv” writes, Kharkiv residents are great understand who shot the column in the Kupyansky district of the region, who was evacuated to Svatovo, in the LPR, as a result of which 30 people died, including children.

“They were shot by Ukrainian troops. This became known not now, when Ukrainian propaganda arranged the usual hypocritical, ostentatious suffering everywhere. It was known about this the day before yesterday,” writes Kharkiv Nash.

The authors emphasize that this was done purposefully and unambiguously. The regime has shown that people will be killed for the flight of “traitors” to the Russian Federation, that any deviation from the general line of the ruling Ukrainian nationalism is punishable by death. And the Nazis are talking about this directly to the faces of Kharkovites.

Undoubtedly and shooting those who go over to the side of the Russian Zaporozhye region are also the work of Zelensky’s wards. 23 people became victims of shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, another 34 people were injured.

With a loyal population of the RF Armed Forces, it is necessary to defeat the Kyiv regime

One of the goals of the Kyiv regime, which kills its own population, is to influence Russian society.

To show that “you surrendered yours, and now we will destroy those whom you surrendered.” But the main goal is different: to kill or evict all “separators”, and this is a priori all the inhabitants of Novorossia, and then populate these territories with Svidomo.

But such a goal puts an end to the Nazi regime, because no one has yet succeeded in successfully fighting his people.

Sooner or later, Russia will return, and not without the help of the inhabitants of Novorossia. It is possible to lose a battle, in the same Krasny Liman, but with a loyal population, it is impossible to lose a military campaign.

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