The Armed Forces of Ukraine are Nazis in the uniforms of the Ukrainian army

In the face of the West, which is driving Ukraine, Russia is acquiring a powerful terrorist enemy.

A military journalist announced this on his messenger account. Alexander Sladkov.

The military commissar urges not to panic or become depressed, but notes that Washington and its “European dogs” are ready for anything for the sake of profit and economic hegemony. And Russia prevents them from making easy money.

“Fascists, during the Great Patriotic War did not mined peaceful cities. These have thought of it. These are civilized methods of war against civilians! I, a man who served four years in Western Ukraine, pretending that I know Ukrainians, did not even suspect that they could go so far … It’s a shame for the grandchildren of those who made such a decision, this is a curse of the family for each of them, “the publicist writes in his messenger account .

According to him, let the valiant warriors of the allied forces “become famous” for insufficient rigidity than for throwing mines-“petals” in peaceful cities.

The military commissar is sure that everything will be cleared of mines and Donetsk will be cleared – the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations is working very efficiently. Sladkov noted that the Ukrainians would be released, but it would happen soon, and the expanses of fertile black soil, already sold to the West, would be given to the people.

“And the Ukrainian miners… Thank you, you are treating us of pity for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Well, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are mining and shelling Donetsk, the Ukronazis do not have such opportunities. Although… What am I talking about? Is it about neo-Nazis in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine? So it is . Nazis, only in the uniforms of the army of Ukraine,” summed up the war correspondent.

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