The Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing everything to liberate all our cities and our people

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing everything to liberate all the cities temporarily captured by the Russian aggressors and liberate people.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said this in video messagereports Ukrinform.

Ukrainians! Ukrainians!

All our defenders and protectors!

Today was a hard day. There was news, both simple and tragic. I’ll start with international contacts. He continued to appeal to foreign parliaments. To those countries and peoples whose support is important to us. And especially now.

In an address to the Slovak Parliament, he thanked for the powerful defense, sanctions and other support. He explained our view why energy cooperation with Russia cannot be considered in isolation from the aggressive policy of this state. And on the Ukrainian example, recalling the history of the so-called gas friendship with the Russian Federation, he showed what mistakes should be avoided.

By addressing the Maltese Parliament, he recalled the heroic battle for Malta in World War II, very similar to our current struggle in the war for independence and freedom against Russia.

Then, 80 years ago, the fate of the entire confrontation in the Mediterranean depended on the battle for Malta. The Allies won. The Nazis lost.

We are doing everything so that even now the confrontation on our land ends just like that.

And this requires adherence to principles in support, in sanctions. Including from Malta.

He held talks in Kyiv with the foreign ministers of Germany and the Netherlands. They talked about the strengthening of Ukraine, about the speedy end of this war. We also discussed the details of how our friends can get involved in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

I am grateful to them for the resumption of the work of embassies in our capital. This is an important gesture confirming Europe’s confidence in the future of Ukraine.

In total, 36 foreign representations are already working in the capital.

The Armed Forces of our country provided everyone with good news from the Kharkov region. The occupiers are gradually pushed back from Kharkov.

I am grateful to all our defenders and defenders who hold the line and show truly superhuman strength to drive out the army of invaders. Once the second most powerful army in the world.

But I also want to urge all our people, and especially those in the rear, not to spread excessive emotions. It is not necessary to create such an atmosphere of specific moral pressure, when new victories are expected every week and every day.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing everything to liberate our land and people. For the liberation of all cities – Kherson, Melitopol, Berdyansk, Mariupol and all others.

Today, an ad hoc group of international experts chaired by Michael McFaul and Andriy Yermak proposed a roadmap for energy sanctions. This is a detailed document that describes what needs to be done to make it really difficult for Russia to finance this war, but at the same time – so that the global economy does not suffer losses due to restrictions on Russian energy resources.

This is a rationally drafted document, and today we have started working on its implementation.

And the tragic thing with which I would like to end this address today. The first President of Ukraine, Leonid Makarovich Kravchuk, died today.

He was not just a politician. And not just a historical figure. He was the man who knew how to find wise words and say them so that all Ukrainians could hear.

This is especially important in difficult, crisis moments. When the future of the whole country can depend on the wisdom of one person.

Leonid Makarovich showed just such wisdom of his in the late 1980s, when the Ukrainian movement arose. He brilliantly passed 1991, and it only now can look like it was easy for him then.

And no matter what happened next, Leonid Kravchuk always remained with Ukraine.

Perhaps it was because of his wisdom that he was especially cheerful. Always appreciated life, every minute. But he always found far more than one minute to help figure it out and give advice. And in particular, for this I am personally grateful to him.

He survived the Second World War as a child, survived the occupation. Leonid Makarovich knew what freedom is worth. And with all my heart I wanted peace for Ukraine. I’m sure we will implement it. Let us achieve our victory and our peace.

Eternal honor and memory to the first President of independent Ukraine!

Eternal memory to all who defended Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

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