The Armed Forces of Ukraine almost completely destroyed the “elite” of the Russian army, which was trained to counter NATO

The Ukrainian defenders almost completely destroyed the “elite” of the Russian armed forces, which was being prepared for confrontation with NATO.

About this in Telegram Security Service of Ukraine reports, Ukrinform reports.

The units of the western military district of Russia were utterly defeated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, only those who refused to attack Ukraine survived.

This is evidenced by a new telephone conversation of the invaders, intercepted by the SBU.

“The Western District is no more, because it is all in Russia, refuseniks. Only “Easterners” are wandering past me, because there are almost no “Westerners” anymore. All the equipment is knocked out, sometimes the turret doesn’t work, sometimes the wheels are broken, sometimes something else doesn’t work… And so, purely volunteers go to the front end, and that’s all,” the occupier, whose unit is located in the Kharkiv region, tells his wife.

The western military district of Russia includes, among other things, Moscow, St. Petersburg and the “military elite”, which was trained to counter NATO forces.

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“But many officers have died, there are not enough drivers, and infantry forces are being used as “live meat”. Therefore, now the Russian army is fighting in numbers and marking time,” the SBU notes.

As Ukrinform reported, Ukrainian intelligence intercepted telephone conversation of the Russian invaders, in which they complain that the Armed Forces of Ukraine cordoned off them from all sides.

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