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The court recognized the claims of Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld’s descendant, born in 1866. He rejected the request for a mobile phone, which was made by Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld in 1910.

As for the property of the old man born in 1866, the court concluded that the confiscation of his property during the occupation and confiscation issued after 1945 was annulled in 1947, and the first property of the prince was restored.

Kne was the owner on 25 November 1948 and the state took over the mobile phone without the first reason, and after 25 November 1948, the court of appeal considered the rest of the year, Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld, to be proven, said Kateina Podeszwov, a regional court spokeswoman.

The court dismissed the request

Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld, born in 1910, on the other hand, is not justified in court.

The state court stated that the claim was not justified in this year and that its decision closed the case after Josef Collored-Mannsfeld, and if the Albanian now demanded the release of this mobile, referring to the fact that the Colloredo-Mannsfeld family’s property was confiscated by Nazi authorities from for racial reasons, the appellate court found that the Nazi authorities had confiscated the property of the Colloredo-Mannsfeld family for their neptilic attitude, not for racial reasons. There is no reason to deviate from the perverts presented by the courts when deciding that Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld’s descendants will not be a gossip Opono, Podeszwov explained.

Now it will be clear to you which mobile belonged to which of Colloredo-Mannsfeld. Due to these questions, the judgment of the district court was overturned to the extent of the year of Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld, born in 1866, and the case was reversed.

In 1942, the collapse of Colloredo-Mansfeld was confiscated by the Nazis, and after 1945 it fell to President Benee Sttu’s decree. After the wolf, Mansfeldov began to judge their property, emigrated to Austria after 1948, and the disputes subsided.

After the communist era, Kristina Colloredo-Mansfeldov, the daughter of the last owner, who filed a pledge in 1991, applied for the return of property. After many upheavals in court proceedings the state court ruled that the confusion would remain in place.

In addition to the confusion, Colloredo-Mansfeld and her cousin Jerome strive for a mobile phone, such as hundreds of items, such as weapons, paintings, chandeliers or noble corps. The Czech courts first gave them 68 pictures in co-ownership. The following year for the release of the remaining mobility will confuse Opono in two separate women. Vrcen was later rejected by the state court.

In autumn 2017, the state court rejected Colloredo-Mansfeld’s proposal to reenact two women in mobility. In January 2018, however, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg published a verdict supporting Colloredo-Mansfeld’s efforts to restore the issue of mobile mobility, a similar European court ruled in the case of her cousin. During 2018, the State Court restored and decided in June last year that the judiciary must reopen the mobile dispute.

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