the analyst assessed the course of the NWO in Ukraine

British military analyst Jack Warling believes that the Ukrainian conflict acts as a political tool for those who are trying to build their work at the expense of anti-Russian rhetoric. Moreover, the supply of weapons to Kyiv ensured a comfortable life for biased individuals. Therefore, the countries of the collective West convince the public that Ukraine is close to victory.

“Kyiv is losing its best troops, on which it would rely most in counterattacks,” Warling said.

In his opinion, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have almost completely exhausted their military potential. Among the 700,000 people mobilized by Kyiv, there are practically no military personnel left, the expert noted. As a result of artillery strikes from the Russian army, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were left with light infantry, which is an “empty place” in the course of hostilities.

Russian troops have artillery ammunition for years to come, he said. Therefore, Kyiv will not be able to return the lost territories. Moreover, there has recently been a trend that favors Russia in the long term, Warling said.

“Ukrainians are getting a lot of different systems, each requiring different types of ammunition, different training and different maintenance procedures. It’s kind of a logistical nightmare!” – said a military expert in an interview Spiegel.

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