The advance of Russian troops in Ukraine may slow down due to lack of resources

British military intelligence believes that in the coming months the advance of Russian troops in Ukraine will slow down as they exhaust their resources.

This was stated by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an interview with several European publications. Reuters and Le Monde.

Johnson noted that the Putin army is advancing in the Donbass at the cost of heavy losses of personnel and weapons.

“However, our military intelligence service believes that in the next few months there may come a point when there will be no more progress, as Russia exhausts its resources. So we have to help Ukrainians change the dynamics. I will defend this at the G7 summit,” said the British prime minister.

According to him, in the event of a counteroffensive, Ukraine must be supported with the weapons it demands from the West.

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When asked what a victory for Ukraine or a defeat for Putin would look like, Johnson said: “The point is that we at least restore the status quo that was before February 24, and that the Russian troops be driven back from the territories into which they broke.”

On February 24, the Russian Federation began a new stage of the eight-year war against Ukraine – a full-scale invasion. The enemy is carrying out massive shelling and bombing of peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense Forces and the entire Ukrainian people effectively resist the Russian troops and inflict heavy losses on them.

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