“Thanks to Putin’s toughness, Russia will be reborn” – fortune-teller Duvall

Now, when Russia, and the whole world is balancing on the brink of a new war, there is a surge of interest in the predictions of famous and not so visionaries.

However, when predictions about the future of our country appear in the media, we journalists are often accused of “fitting” the facts to the current moment.

What do Americans say about Russia?

The predictions of American seers about our country are less known than those made by a woman Wangoy, June or Wolf Messing. But they are. And they promise Russia greatness and prosperity.

Clairvoyant Dannion Brinkleywho “learned” to see the future during a clinical death, and predicted the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the collapse of the USSR and the war in Iraq, warned several decades ago that “the world without Russia will not survive”:

“There is Russia, there is humanity. No Russia – the end of civilization,” he wrote.

Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce

Edgar Caycewho made his predictions in a state of special trance, for which he was named “sleeping prophet”, said a hundred years ago that Russia “will build a prosperous society using communist ideology, but since communism is a road to nowhere, the country will collapse”, after which “very difficult times” await it – the loss of many territories, poverty and devastation. But “the country will rise to its feet and create a new Union” in the image and likeness of the former, but with a completely different ideology.

“The rest of the countries and peoples will look at the new Russia with envy,” the stenographer wrote after the “sleeping prophet.”

“Court Prophet” of the White House

American Jean Dixonwhich made predictions for Roosevelt, Kennedy and Churchill, and in the Reagan administration served as presidential adviser, also “saw” the future of our country.

As follows from a diary published after her death (in 1997), the successor to the USSR will have “a special mission – to revive civilization after terrible catastrophes.” And only a strong and prosperous state can fulfill such a difficult task.

Jean, like the “sleeping prophet,” warned that when the USSR ceased to exist, difficult times awaited Russia, which would end when it had a strong leader.

“With him, the Russian people will be able to cope with everything: they will regain their lost territories, and science and the economy will reach unprecedented heights. New oil and gas fields will be found. To spite all enemies, Russia will only get richer if it goes its own way.”

Not by Americans alone

Italian seer Mavis more than 20 years ago, she said that Russia, starting with the Crimea, would return many territories to itself. And then “change the world order.” According to her prediction, regions in Russia will rapidly develop – Karelia and Siberia will become as prosperous as the two capitals.

Frenchwoman Maria Duval (she is alive, she is 84 years old) said that “thanks to Putin’s toughness, Russia will be reborn” (the prediction was made during the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev):

“It will not be easy, because half the world will take up arms against Russia. But Russia is a rich country, its people are hardworking and united. It will be able to build an economy solely on its own resources.”

Back in 2008, Duval predicted that the Russia-West conflict would develop into a hot phase that would benefit Moscow.

Here, as they say, wait and see. Although, apparently, the prediction is coming true now.

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