“Thank you, I managed to say goodbye to you yesterday”: the Russians named the most favorite songs of Yura Shatunov

The Russians honored the memory of Yuri Shatunov and named their favorite songs

The Russians honored the memory of Yuri Shatunov and named their favorite songs “Tender May”

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On the night of Thursday, June 23, Yuri Shatunov passed away, soloist of the group “Tender May”. The whole country knows his sonorous voice and touching songs, more than one generation has grown up on them, and until now, wherever the hits of “Tender May” sound, they always sing along. The artist left early, he was only 48 years old. On this day, the Russians remembered the hits of “Tender May” and told which of the group’s songs they have the most favorite.

Many respondents admitted that they still can’t believe that their favorite artist is gone, and also added that they always listen to the songs of “Tender May” with pleasure, and they love all these songs.

“All his songs were memorable, bright. They will be remembered for a lifetime. Too bad, good singers leave early. For a long time people will not believe that Shatunov is no more. Let the earth rest in peace for him,” says the survey participant.

“All his songs were good and sincere. It’s a pity that now we can only hear his voice on the recording,” lamented another.

“It is very bitter, sad that Yura left so early. A whole generation has grown up on his songs, and probably more than one,” sighs a third.

But still, the voting showed that the Russians liked the song “Gray Night” most of all from the repertoire of “Tender May”. 63% of respondents voted for this composition. On the second line, with a small margin, was one of the most famous songs of the group “White Roses” – 56%.

“We are the generation of the 50s, but “White Roses” is still my favorite song. Blessed memory of a talented singer, ”says a participant in the survey.

“I confess that I am not a big fan of his work. But it seems to me that there is no person in the country who does not know the refrain from “White Roses” by heart. We can say that an entire era has gone!” another respondent says.

35% of Russians named the song “Childhood” as their favorite, and another 33% voted for “Pink Evening”.

Next in the ranking were the songs “A summer of color” (23%), “Forget” (19%), “Stupid snowflakes” (19%), “Don’t be afraid” (16%), “Record my voice on a cassette” (15 %). And the composition “After Graduation” closes the rating with an indicator of 13%.

And although the number of answer options was limited, the survey participants continued to recall the rest of the songs of “Tender May” and offered more and more new options from themselves. So, among the favorites were also the songs “Starry Night”, “Revelations with the Moon”, “Tete-a-tete” and the song “Thank you” with the words “Thank you managed to say goodbye to you yesterday”, which we ourselves will say goodbye to the artist. Thank you, Yura. Bright memory.

A study in social networks was conducted by the KP.RU website. 15.2 thousand people took part in the survey. Respondents could select multiple answers.

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