Tax collection in Colombia would have grown 31.4% in 2022

75.3% of the tax collection between January and November was represented by withholding at source as income.  infobae
75.3% of the tax collection between January and November was represented by withholding at source as income. infobae

The tax collection of Colombia in 2022 would have been 228.6 trillion pesos, which would mean a growth close to 31.4%, compared to the 173.9 trillion pesos released by the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs (DIAN) 2021, that is, 54.7 billion more pesos were collected.

Tax collection, according to preliminary data known by Valora Analitik, would have also shown significant growth in relation to the goal, since it would be 105.9%.

It is worth remembering that between January and November 2022, a gross collection of national taxes was achieved for a value of 213.42 billion pesos, which compared to the same period of 2021 represented a growth of 33.2%, since in the same period of 2021 it was located at 160.22 trillion pesos. In addition, there was compliance with the goal assigned to the entity of 107.3%.

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According to the entity, 75.3% of the collection between January and November was represented by withholding at the source as income, with a participation of 33.6% (71.6 billion pesos), the tax on sales, with a 21% share (44.8 billion pesos) and customs taxes, with a 20.7% share (44.1 billion pesos).

“It is worth noting that, in this same period, the collection of taxes associated with internal economic activity totaled 169.32 billion pesos, while the collection of taxes associated with foreign trade reached 44.10 trillions of pesos”, indicated the DIAN.

Meanwhile, the gross collection of November totaled 21.69 trillion pesos, which represents a goal compliance of 98.7%.

Regarding the behavior of the collection, in November three taxes stand out with the greatest participation: withholding at the source as income with 32.2% (6.9 trillion pesos), the sales tax with 30.7% ( 6.6 trillion pesos) and customs taxes with a 21.1% share (4.5 trillion pesos).

“As part of the control actions, the results obtained between January and November stand out, whose management amounts to a total of 6.2 trillion pesos, represented in tax control, with 5.4 trillion pesos, international control, with 69 .5 million pesos, customs control, with 684.9 million pesos, and exchange control, with 126.7 million pesos,” said Dian.

Regarding the results of the fight against smuggling, it specified that the accumulated number of apprehensions between January 1 and December 4 adds up to a total of 38,800 for a value of more than 437,000 million pesos.

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Lastly, as a result of the actions to combat tax evasion, between January and November a total of 30.4 trillion pesos was managed through management, of which 24.1 trillion correspond to effective income and 6.3 trillion pesos control management.

The tax reform of Gustavo Petro, approved by the Congress of the Republic in November 2022 and with which it seeks to collect 20 billion pesos in the first year, brings with it an article in which a heavy hand is put on tax evaders. taxes. In some cases, there will be jail.

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It establishes clear criminal sanctions for those who commit fraud or tax evasion. In addition, taxation between economic sectors is leveled, through the articulation of clear rules for digital economy companies with a significant economic presence in the country.

It specifies that payments in kind are not deductible or attributable to any title in the declaration of income tax and complementary.

In addition, a tool is created with the indication of deductible costs and expenses and the concurrent formal obligation to inform the taxpayer when they are exceeded.

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