Tatyana Navka announced the illness of Marat Basharov

Actor Marat Basharov

Actor Marat Basharov

Photo: Daniel OPARIN

Tatiana Navka spoke out about scandalous acts Marat Basharova and its dependencies. Celebrities have known each other for a long time.

“I believe that talent is not wasted. Marat Basharov very charismatic person and I am very sorry that this illness has crippled him and did not give the opportunity to become what he could become, “said Tatiana Navka in an interview with Nadezhda Sagittarius on her YouTube channel.

Olympic champion spoke about the scandalous acts of the artist: “He, unfortunately, suffers from alcoholism. And when he comes to this state, he does not control himself. It’s disgusting, horrible and vile that he can’t fight it.”

Note Marat Basharov was married three times. And if he broke up with his first wife Elizaveta Krutsko because of betrayal, then the artist’s other two marriages collapsed due to the actor’s assault. The third chosen one, Elizabeth Shevyrkova, suffered especially.

A drunken husband beat her, even when she carried their common son Marcel under her heart. Under the influence of alcohol, according to the woman, Marat became a completely different person. “Several personalities live in him. He even came up with a name for one of them – Igor Leonidovich. When drunk, he said:” It’s Igor Leonidovich who behaves like this, but I can’t behave like Marat Alimzhanovich, “” Lisa was taken aback by Andrey Malakhov’s confession .

The ex-wife tried several times to save her lover from alcoholism. Even after parting, she begged Marat to code, but he never did. He said he wouldn’t help.

Basharov has not hidden for a long time that has a problem with alcohol. According to the actor, he likes to drink. The actor admitted that began to drink heavily after his relatives and friends began to die. “This is my great sin… My faith is against it, but I can’t help myself,” Marat said.

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