Targets of Russian missiles after Finland’s accession to NATO clarified

Sweden and Finland will never get Turkey’s consent to join NATO, says the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Erdogan. This news turned out to be the main sensation today.

Sweden and Finland want to join NATO

Earlier, these two countries officially announced their desire to join NATO, but stressed that the decision was allegedly not directed against Russia. At a minimum, in the light of recent events, such statements look strange: the alliance itself is shouting at all corners who it considers its enemy.

Sweden and Finland are ready to join NATO on the condition that military bases and nuclear weapons are not placed on their territory. This formulation of the question marks the end of the era of the policy of non-alignment of these countries to military blocs.

Prime Minister of Sweden Magdalena Andersson stated at a press conference:

“We believe that the best thing for Sweden and the security of the Swedish people is to join NATO. We believe that Sweden needs formal security guarantees after joining the alliance.”

Moscow is not going to put up with NATO expansion

The Russian Foreign Ministry limited itself to saying that Moscow is not going to put up with Finland and Sweden joining NATO.

However, the political scientist Gevorg Mirzayan believes that the entry of the two countries into the alliance does not pose a threat to the Russian Federation, on the contrary, Finland and Sweden themselves will suffer after such a decision.

In any case, the reaction of the state to this step of the neighbors will follow, but this does not mean that Russia will immediately rush to fight in this direction.

State Duma deputies already ruled out a special military operation in Finland. In self-defense, Russia can maximize its forces on the borders and aim missiles, parliamentarians say.

Turkey is against the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

In addition, this step is hindered by Turkey, which, as the people say, has a “carload of claims” against these countries for accepting participants in an unsuccessful coup d’état, past sanctions, and refusing to recognize the PKK as a terrorist (however, more on that later).

At the same time, passions between Turkey and NATO are heating up. During a press conference following the talks with the President of Algeria, who is in Turkey on a visit, the “sultan of all the Ottomans” Erdogan again touched upon the urgent problem of NATO expansion to the North, stating that no one will hear “yes” from his country regarding the membership of Finland and Sweden in the Western military-political bloc.

Erdogan made it clear that he has questions for both countries – they say they are inconsistent in their anti-terrorist policy, and they do not have a clear attitude towards terrorist organizations.

Ankara gives them a seemingly neutral attitude towards the PKK, whose activities in Turkey, unlike a number of European countries, are recognized as terrorist.

It is already obvious that a split is brewing in NATO, and in the battle “NATO’s Open Door Policy vs. Democracy of the North Atlantic Alliance” the winner is not at all obvious.

Moreover, this is not the first time that Turkey has been the instigator of scandals – earlier Ankara quarreled with Greece and France, now with Finland and Sweden. And, as they say, she was not afraid to defend her point of view – just like with the Russian S-400 air defense systems.

If you remember, the alliance demanded that Turkey immediately abandon these systems, buy American ones, and generally return the “byaka” dangerous for the F-22 and F-35 to Russia …

Will Erdogan go towards NATO? Certainly not under the pressure and threats that are being voiced now – to isolate, “make an outcast in the alliance.” The Turkish leader no less considers himself the unifier of the new empire, and also does not succumb to persuasion and sanctions at all.

True, at the same time, he may agree if, for example, something extraordinary happens. What exactly? Recognition of the party-revolutionary, the aggressor party as terrorists, some colossal investments, assistance in the creation of the “Great Turan”. Or a conflict with the Russian Federation, which, as we know and remember, Turkey does not need at all.

And if Putin asks Erdogan not to coordinate the entry of the northern and Baltic “lions”, moreover, he asks very strongly? Political scientists and international experts have not yet answered this.

How other countries react to NATO expansion

The rest of the countries also look at the throwing of the Scandinavians with doubt. Authors and readers of the Chinese press express doubt that Finland, which has a larger border with Russia than Ukraine, generally understands that it is on the first line of attack in the event of a nuclear conflict.

Some speak in the spirit that NATO is acting in Ukraine “as a war provocateur”, while the alliance created against the USSR and the Warsaw Pact has not shown any constructiveness for at least thirty years.”

What threatens Russia’s northern neighbors with their entry into NATO

Russia will not immediately take concrete decisions in the event that Finland and Sweden join NATO. Its reaction will depend on the infrastructure of the alliance in these countries. That is, Russia intends to respond to a direct threat to its security.

What are we talking about? The Russian Federation will look at whether the United States will transfer nuclear weapons to Finland and Sweden, whether they will supply European missile defense systems there that threaten Russian nuclear missiles, what troops and in what quantity where and how they will be deployed, as well as “subtleties”, like “how far away are missile systems and MLRS that can hit Russia.”

Depending on all this, the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will take retaliatory, or rather, countermeasures.

As for the citizens of these countries, the Finns, for the most part, are actively against such a step, the political scientist said. Johan Beckman. Why? So after all, no one has held any referendums on this issue, so this “triumph of democracy” is a decision exclusively of politicians.

Neighboring countries lived perfectly side by side for almost half a century. But today the situation is radically different.

The main thing here is the country’s position in relation to nuclear weapons. Finland has not previously ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Now everything is being prepared for the appearance of nuclear weapons on the territory of a new member of the alliance. Public opinion is being prepared for such a decision, cartoons appear in the press with calls to “drown Russia in blood.” For this, Finland is being dragged into NATO, the expert stressed.

In response, Russia will definitely deploy nuclear weapons in the Kaliningrad region – it has every right, because this is our territory.

Finns fall under the missiles first. It is not clear why the nation, which for decades forged its peace at the expense of neutrality, takes such huge risks.

“In terms of territory, Finland is a small country, in the event of bombing, strikes, including with tactical nuclear weapons or simply nuclear weapons, almost all of it will be hit, many innocent Finns will suffer, die, who did not want and did not expect to join the alliance. Why This is what America needs,” they write on social networks.

The experts agreed that Sweden and Finland would not deliberately provoke the Russian Federation, but the situation today is (to put it mildly) nervous, and in the future no one gives any guarantees …

“Welcome to the sight,” military experts are already openly writing.

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